Hey! Do you Want to book more guest spots on Podcasts?

This is a GREAT time to start booking more Podcast and Live Video Interviews! I know it can seem daunting trying to figure out how to be featured on your favorite shows, and how to bring amazing guests onto your show! We brought in 2 of the BEST in the world of podcasting!

Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier from the Hustle and Flowchart Podcast! They'll be sharing their streamlined frame work for Podcast Guesting so you can gain visibility that counts!

Have you ever felt like maybe you've maybe been an alien most of your life, and then you meet people who are obviously from the same crazy planet? That was how it felt when I met Matt and Joe. They started their podcasting career in 2010, and it's now their main focus where they educate on paid traffic, content marketing/SEO, and bringing/omnipresence!

Book More Guest Spots on Podcasts And Grow Your Business!


Make someone else's stage YOUR stage

Why be a guest on a Podcast? Being a guest on a podcast is the easiest way to get yourself out to a new audience, without having to put in all the extra work… yet. You don't have to worry about tech or preparation, you just talk about the things you know, and you have a built in audience.


What is the easiest way to get on a Podcast?

People you Know



Reaching out to those that you already know with is the easiest way to find new connections. You can post on FB to reach friends and professionals to see what kind of connections they have, Linked in is great to reach out directly to those who may already have a successful podcast running.

Also do some “sneaky research” check out podcastnotes.org or podchaser.com. These sites are built specifically for podcast knowledge. Find podcasts that are successful or those that maybe you don't want to be a guest on. Find those that fit your ideal audience,  and look at the past guests, do you fill an empty space they may need?

Have a strong CTA

Once you have booked a guest spot on a Podcast, it is so important that you prepare a strong Call To Action. Its crazy how many people miss this crucial step. Your host has provided a platform and an audience, but YOU have to USE the platform and  CAPTURE the audience in order to have them become YOUR audience too. Don't forget you must also have a place for them to GET more information and find out more about you. You don't need a fancy website when you first start out, you can have something as simple as a Fb page/group.



When it comes down to it, it really is about you just doing the work and taking the leaps you need to, to build your audience and your business. No one else can do it for you, you can have all the coaches, watch all the webinars, do all the research, but if you just sit on the information you have to share, nothing will happen. We know it can be scary, but YOU CAN DO IT! If you need some inspiration and help to conquer those fears, check out —>  This post! Once you take the leap, you will begin to book more guest spots on podcasts and grow your business!



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