Have you been feeling the pressures of the crazy in the world lately?

I can’t think of any time in recent history where it’s been more important to love, listen, connect and to breathe. And now is the time to learn how to breathe through difficult times.

I also find that something as simple as breathing can be difficult.

It’s hard enough building a business, while reaching for your goals and taking care of your family or life at home. On top of that, throw in a slew of negativity and hate that is being pushed on us, through all senses. It can honestly be debilitating. I’m taking matters into my own hands and brining you a powerful free training on the power of your breath.As a singer and speaker I have studied breath almost my entire life, and I’m honestly amazed by the new techniques I continue to learn.

Are you ready to breathe more intentionally, connect to what matters, and make a bigger difference in this world? I have got some simple tricks that will bring you more peace and confidence so that you can breath some positivity into this world! And of course, make your live videos better as well.

How do you breathe?

Do you find that when you take in a big, deep breathe and find that your chest rises up? That is the opposite of how we are naturally breathe. Breathing low into your belly is how we are meant to breathe and you can find that you are doing this when your belly expands with every breathe instead of your chest.

Let’s talk about breathing through difficult times!

Close Your Mouth

Put one hand on your chest and one on your belly. Think about making the movement when you breathe as small as possible. And now close your mouth. Crazy, right? This is a type of breathing called Buteyko. It is based on keeping your mouth closed and breathing in a small amount of air and then, breathing out more air than we inhaled. The idea is that we are over oxygenating ourselves and we want to stop ourselves from breathing in as much air as we want to.

Try it! Feel that hand move as you try to limit or reduce the amount of air you are inhaling. Does it feel like your body is screaming? What does it feel like? Maybe you feel relaxed! Or a strange sense of peace?

Now try to breathe in for two counts and breathe out for eight counts. Don’t cheat! The point is that you do not want to take in as much as you can. All of this is based on the fact that we should breathe OUT more carbon that we breath in oxygen. You will find that as you practice, your body will start to naturally breathe  in this pattern. Amazing, right?

Breathe Out Positivity

It is time to breathe in the negative and breathe out the positive. We are now going to use our body as an air purifier. Don’t attach yourself to anything negative but think about something that you purely love. This follows a practice called Tonglen. If you have been with us for a while, this is where the Quesadilla of Awesome comes from. Think about something that you love purely with unabashed joy. Now breathe out and wish that thing tons of love, light and energy.

Let’s expand. Ok, try to think about something that you love but maybe causes a bit of frustration or irritation every now and then. Repeat the process. Picture this NEW object and still breathe OUT with wishes of love, light, energy and positivity. How did that feel? It takes practice but once you master it, it will bc amazing!


When you set aside dedicated time, things can shift. First of all, it requires you to change up your breathing patterns. Singing requires you to practice what Buteyko states, breathing in less oxygen than you release.

When I find myself in a place where I am overworked or overwhelmed, and I sing, I find myself in such a relaxed state. Singing forces you to control your breathe which causes us to slow down and be purposeful.

So when in need, it is time to sing. It doesn’t matter WHAT you sing, just belt it out…whatever comes to you! For ever more power and positivity, sing with others and have them join in!

We have the power within us to change this world. Confidence, peace and harmony can all come with just starting to breathe intentionally! I am so grateful for you being here and adding to a world of positivity and life! Comment below if you are with me!

Are you ready to sing with us! If so, watch the live video here. Get ready to sing!