7 Ways to Bring in More Clients Without Cold DMs


If you’ve ever felt like you’re getting spammed with sales messages, you’re not alone! I get them all the time too. But here’s the thing: I reward people who are putting their business out there. So this isn’t about bashing people who are making offers. It’s about celebrating people who are doing it in a way that feels great for both parties. And by doing so, you will bring in more clients in no time! 

So if you’re looking to start sales conversations in a way that feels good for everyone involved, and bring in more clients, this post is for you.

???? Make sure to watch the original live stream, 7 Ways to Bring in More Clients Without Cold DMs, so you can see all the specific examples with screenshots.


1. Talk about Human Stuff to Start a Conversation 

The goal is to start a conversation and for people to “raise their hand” and signal that they want to talk to you. It’s basically like going to a party or a networking event. You just don’t come up in people’s faces and ask for their phone numbers. You find something common to talk about first.

The way it works is to find a fun yet polarizing topic. For example, I’m known for my brussel sprout posts. People either absolutely love or hate this vegetable! On my very first post, I got 94 comments. I’ve been reposting it from time to time.

If you don’t have strong opinions about brussel sprouts, maybe don’t go in that direction. But you can get started with people raising their hands with similar topics like:

  • Onions or no onions?
  • Pineapple on a pizza: yes or no?
  • Blue cheese: yes or no?

The reason we have to start with these kinds of human stuff posts is for the social media platform to know that we’re alive and engaging. If we skip that part and go straight into the hardcore sales, the platform isn’t going to give us any reach.


2. Self-Identify with a Problem

The next one is to get them to self-identify that they have a problem. This is like taking people I’ve connected with, and I’m gonna be able to sift out the people who aren’t necessarily a good fit and find people who are a good fit for the next level.

Make sure to ask a very specific question about a very specific problem. For example, I identify people in my network who are having trouble selling and creating videos. It can be a simple question: “What’s stopping you from doing [insert what you do here]?”


3. Get Them to Self-Identify as an Ideal Client 

The first thing you need is to identify your ideal clients and where they spend their time online. This could be on your own profile or it could be in a group.

I recently helped a friend who has a course that will help VAs. This was her post in a group:

  • Big news. I have a course coming out on how to build Messenger bots, and I know it would be great for VAs. Are you a VA? I think this would be awesome for you. Let me know below, and I’ll get your information.

People are going to have their defenses up, and they’re not going to engage.

Here’s how I changed it for her:

  • I often have clients who are looking for VAs. I’m building out a list of recommendations.

Boom! That’s it. I had a hundred people comment on this post, sharing their information about their business.


4. Get Them to Shout Out Power Partners and Tools 

This post is so simple and so powerful. All you have to do is to ask people to comment on their favorite tools or providers.

Here are a few examples:

  • I’m putting together a gift guide. What are your favorite things to receive as a gift for Valentine’s Day?
  • I’m compiling a list of tools that help with meditation and clarity. What are your favorite ways to reset?

This is a great way to start a conversation and get great information for future content.


5. Celebrating Your Success

When you celebrate from a place of authenticity and vulnerability, people will connect with you.

One time, I completely missed the fact that we had our first seven-figure year. I was at this event, and I realized, “Oh my gosh, we had hit seven figures, and I had not recognized it!” So, I created a post and tagged everyone who I was grateful for. I don’t do tags like this very often, but I did it because it was a really big deal for us. I had 119 people comment on the post!

Whether you’re celebrating your first $10 sale or your first million, celebrate it.


6. Call Out a Problem In Your Industry

A lot of people have been saying, “live video is dead.” And as someone who does training on live videos, this is a problem.

But I’m not going to say, “No, it’s not dead. Keep using live video.”

I’m going to meet people where they are and say, “Live video is dead.”

But in my head, I’m like, “Watch me squash that belief.”

I wrote:

  •  Live video is dead. Well, not completely, but its effectiveness has shifted, and it’s become very clear that most strategies are not working. We got 1000 comments on this post!

So, why did this work? Because I met people where they are.


7. Celebrate Clients

Just like celebrating your success, you should also take the time to celebrate your client’s success, no matter how big or small.

For example, I have a client who got six comments and 31 likes on her TikTok video. Some people may say, “Oh, that’s not very good.” But I say, “Yes it is!”

If they are commenting on it, they are a potential ideal client.


Bonus for the brave: Vulnerable/Value Share

The last in our list requires a little bit more courage, but it works really well. Share something vulnerable moment or a value that you strongly believe in.

I can share things that matter to me. I don’t talk about politics. I don’t talk about religion. I don’t talk about that kind of stuff publicly. However, with this one, I really felt this was very important to me.

And I felt that if there were people who vehemently disagreed with me, I didn’t want them as clients. 

This is scary to do, and you have to do it in a way that comes.

I believe you have to do it in a way that comes from a place of kindness and I’ve practiced this.  I never do things like this in order to make people feel bad about their beliefs. I just wanna be firm in what my beliefs are.


Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it! Seven ways to bring in more clients without cold DMs. You don’t have to be a salesy weirdo to bring in more clients. There are a ton of effective ways to start a conversation and talk about your offer.

You can get the Google Sheets with all of the examples from the live stream, so you can start creating your own.

Now, let’s bring in more clients!


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