Can we talk for a sec?

Can we talk for a sec?

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  1. Does that mean all technology is bad since it’s not human.

  2. Your make up is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Your make up is amazing

  4. We make them personal, though. So gahhhhh!

  5. using in conjunction with the live “Human” video.. they are requesting BOT for downloads… and your audience is in agreement to receive.

  6. where ar e your blue glasses

  7. Denise Angus says:

    I missed the beginning, but I hope people aren’t hating on Molly Bot!

  8. Yes! Made great connections from my bot

  9. I missed the beginning too!

  10. you looked amazing on the video… make up is gorgeous!!

  11. Awesome Girls with Glasses!!

  12. Your right some people are thinking bots are so impersonal. But they don’t understand how they can be used like us.

  13. you have to use a variety of ways to contact and touch your clients.. support their needs

  14. Yay a Spontaneous party!!

  15. And if you HAVE to use someone or something other than yourself, its a GOOD thing! Its means your big time!!! #goals

  16. I agree with Angie, your make up is gorgeous!! And yes, bots are the best! We don’t have time to personally connect with each person…crazy to believe otherwise!

  17. Sara Rosales says:

    Molly!!! I love your necklace… where did you get it?!?!

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