I really enjoy talking to people. I mean, who doesn’t? As a teen, chatting with friends every moment I can get is part of the fun in life. But I do believe there are times to chat and times to stay quiet. One of those is times is during rehearsal, especially when the director is directing. There is nothing that bugs me more than fellow actors goofing around and not listening to the instructions we are being given. Recently this has been a growing issue around me. In a couple of the shows I’ve been rehearsing for, quite a few of my fellow actors are causing disruptions when we’re receiving crucial blocking. I love to have as much fun as anyone else, but not during critical moments of learning a scene. As long as I am still able to hear all of the instructions, I deal with it, but it’s getting to be TOO MUCH. I’m now missing significant information due to chatty actors, and I need help. Have you been through this? What do I do? Please help me! Leave a note below on what you think I should do!





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Jes DeGroot

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