Content, Connections, Conversions! Oh My! #revenuerevup

Content, Connections, Conversions! Oh My! #revenuerevup

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  1. Lisa Monette says:

    No should sit closer with her camera!!

  2. Yes can’t hear very well

  3. Lisa Monette says:

    Someone in the room take her phone closer so we can see her magical energy even closer!!!

  4. Lisa Monette says:

    50K 3 months…hello!!!!

  5. Lisa Monette says:

    That’s better than bad balls?

  6. Lisa Monette says:

    Ok…Molly had a clone?? Of course she does!!

  7. Lisa Monette says:

    Seriously this is a BOT talking to me??😳

  8. Haha. Nope. It’s Lynda Sunshine West.

  9. Molly!!!! My favorite new friend, amazing coach, love you!

  10. Lisa Monette says:

    Damn Lynda…so thought it was badass bot!!😎😉

  11. Confidence. #quesadillaofawesome
    List 20 awesome things about YOU.

  12. S. A. A. V. E.
    Eat (what you like to eat)
    List 20 things

  13. Content.
    Pick one real person you know that you would love to work with and make a list of all the problems they experience AND that your product or service can’t solve.

  14. Connection.
    Create a business boosting brand.

  15. Lisa Monette says:

    Great point…we can’t figure out everything for our clients…we have the juice that we specialize in!

  16. Lisa Monette says:

    I LOVE Mollys face!! That’s funny! 😂

  17. Conversions.
    Say “Comment below” instead of “Click the link below.”

  18. Lisa Monette says:

    Don’t you want others to get the link? Iv shared so my buddies can see what I’m watching?

  19. Lisa Monette says:

    Hello beautiful Bo! Great event!!!

  20. Lisa Monette says:

    How cute you are!!!

  21. Lisa Monette says:

    Let’s connect for sure!

  22. Lisa Monette says:

    Talking to Lynda West!!❤

  23. Lisa Monette says:

    She works soooooo hard!!!!❤😎

  24. Lisa Monette says:

    She’s so humble! Love Molly!

  25. Lisa Monette says:

    It’s her energy!!!! She loves performing her talents so we can all benefit!!! A true ARTIST!!

  26. Molly is a beautiful person inside an out ..

  27. Lisa Monette says:

    Not a hack…I’m a healer!! ” Adam cool 😎

  28. Lisa Monette says:

    Appropriate relationship what time

  29. A decision isn’t a decision until you actually decide.

  30. You have to decide…then COMMIT

  31. Lisa Monette says:

    Stay in the lane!!!

  32. Thank you! This is so powerful

  33. Inappropriate relationship with time! Yes

  34. OMG Lynda Sunshine West – I love you!

  35. A decision is not a decision until you actually decide. Dogginit, where’s the mic drop icon!🎤

  36. I just want to say that I LOVE that you talk fast and that you make faces. I have no trouble keeping up–in fact, I prefer the speedy speech. My mom has told me all my life I talk too fast and it just is annoying as crap. I’m sure that you, like me, slow down if you are acting a character, depending on the requirements of the character, right? But in everyday talking, I LOVE your rapid-fire delivery!

  37. That was great! Thanks for sharing!!

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