Create A CRM with Your Personal Profile

Ok, Facebook Ads are Awesome. Buuut they are tricky to learn, can get costly, and it is super annoying that you can't retarget people on your personal page.

Building relationships on Facebook is awesome… Buuut it gets hard to keep track and follow up.

Wouldn't it be AWESOME if there was a way to build a CRM inside Facebook? To be able to retarget those you've connected with on your personal page so you can better support those who need you with your products and services!!??

Guess what?

You can.

It's called ORGANIC RETARGETING, and it's the most mind blowing thing to happen to Facebook since Live Video.

I have taken little known tools hidden within Facebook and turned them into a full powerful system that allows you to build genuine relationships, follow up, and make sales, we call that system Organic Retargeting.


Watch the replay of the live training!

AND… we decided to create a mni implementation workshop because the community asked for it during the video! The price is going to go up, so get in now!

AND… if you know you need more support in actually moving into ACTION and DOING THE WORK. We've got your back.

This is one of the main key pieces in our GLAM program! I'd love to connect you with my team so you can book a call and see how we can support you in accelerating your business growth!

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  1. Good morning from Sant Clarita!

  2. Meme Simmons says:

    Hey girl!! Your hair is on fleek today girl! Idk if the kids still say that but it looks great! LOL!

  3. #nugget a CRM for Facebook!! 💥

  4. #nugget a CRM for Facebook!!

  5. #nugget I’m going to use Facebook live to my new program. You’re awesome

  6. Meme Simmons says:

    #mollstarsvip in the house!

  7. content overload is real!!

  8. #action change is a great opportunity to be “in the know” before others.

  9. I am at work so can I watch this later? 😬

  10. I am at work so can I watch this later?

  11. #nugget you can’t offer a giveaway for engagement on Facebook.

  12. #nugget keep your list segmented.

  13. #nugget finding the raises hands! I love that!

  14. What’s the magic word to get more info

  15. Need all of Molly’s nuggets

  16. We hit 80 & I got a screen shot of it.

  17. #nugget use these strategies for good! I promise.

  18. #nugget your intention is to connect! That’s all!!

  19. #nugget Using these super powers for good . . . Not evil. 🙂

  20. I saw it, but didn’t grab the screen shot!

  21. #nugget know your business growth objective. I need to focus on that.

  22. Weird, I’m not seeing everyone’s comments???

  23. Hey everyone, go to BeLive to be able to post where Molly can see them.

  24. Cant see everyone’s comments, or links?

  25. Want to join us for an implementation workshop where you can build out the foundations for this full system? —> Go! The price is going up soon!

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