Have you experienced that moment when you go to a Facebook Business page and all of a sudden, the page comes to LIFE! You can't wait to see what they are offering? What makes this page different? A Facebook Cover Video!! We've all had the capability for months now, but still most people aren't using this technique! So let's create a Facebook cover video that conveys just the message you want it to convey, in an engaging and compelling manner.

There are certain things that HAVE to be put into place before creating an engaging Facebook Cover Video for Facebook.

  1. Know Who You Are – Who are you as a human? What is your brand?
  2. Know Your Ideal Client – Who is the real human being that you are speaking to? What do they want? What do they need?
  3. What is the #1 Specific Place You Want to Send People to?

The best part is that anyone can create a Facebook cover video for Free! To help you get started, here’s some information on how to create a Facebook cover video online and upload it:

  • Page admins can upload a cover video in exactly the same spot as the cover photo.
  • Facebook Cover Videos must be at least 20 seconds long but no more than 90 seconds.
  • The recommended video crop size is 820 pixels x 462 pixels. But that really doesn't matter as long as the text is in the right spot.
  • Another great attribute of cover videos is that they run on autoplay and auto loop, ensuring they’ll be viewed by visitors to your page.
  • You can add music to the video. I suggest you get your tunes from MusicBakery.com to create your Facebook cover video.
  • Tools like Screenflow, Camtasia, iMovie and Animoto (my personal favorite) are great for creating your Facebook cover video online.

Your Facebook Cover Video should include (in this order):

Now the technical aspects of creating and uploading a cover video are easy to grasp. But exactly how to create a Facebook cover video for your page and what should go into it? Here’s what:

  1. Clip #1 – Who you are and what you do. Give your clients a quick snapshot of you and your business. It helps if they can get a sense of your personality and positive core values that drive your business – would go a long way in earning their trust.
  2. Clip #2 – Tap into your client and what you have to offer. Provide a ready insight into how your business can help them, which of your offerings can meet their need, and help generate growth for them.
  3. Clip #3 – What the problem is that you are going to solve for your clients. Spelling out the problem for your clients is good practice. It may be something they deal with but do not give much thought to. So lay out the problem scenario and what are the possible negative consequences that it can cause, if unaddressed.
  4. Clip #4 – What transformation is that will happen for your clients. What results can your clients expect from your product or service or content? It will help them visualize the benefits they can realize by opting for your product.
  5. Clip #5 – A video of you being an authority (speaking, coaching, etc.). Again, it helps establish your expertise as well as trust in your knowledge and offering.
  6. Clip #6 – Instructions for what your clients should do next. Mine is to join my next free live! Add a valuable Call-to-Action – whether it is visiting your product catalogue page or a link to another page to perhaps fill a questionnaire.
  7. Clip #7 – Finally, finish with a photo that wraps up your brand to create a lasting impression of your business, logo, and all that it stands for.

Be sure you show what you offer and why your ideal client needs you!

To watch the full tutorial on How to Create a Facebook Cover video click here