Creating an Office Space that Represents Your Brand

So many things affect our energy and our business growth. One huge source of inspiration that is often overlooked is our work space!This month, I've had a COMPLETE overhaul!

With the help of my new designer Audra Wrightson of Audra Interiors, Inc.Want to see how we did it?

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She's pulling back the curtain and showing us what it takes to design an office space that reflects your brand so that you can be inspired, energized and ready to take your business to the next level!Comment below with the word DESIGN and we'll send you access to a written guide that will help you to take your office space to the next level!

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  1. Stefani Rae says:

    Thank you I’m excited to see the tips

  2. I am a LuLaRoe consultant and selling cloths while standing in my living room in front of a fire place and mantel. Is that an ok background? We sell out of our living room (half for clothes and half for furniture) lol

  3. What if you can only do it in a space where the furniture isn’t the same as your brand color?

  4. Exxxcellent!!! Totally gonna do it!!

  5. I tried using my book behind me, but the cover is mostly white and there’s too much reflection from the light. Any ideas on reducing glare?

  6. Stefani Rae says:

    The Japanese screen is a great idea

  7. I have trouble with dark colors. When we sell black or navy, I become washed out and it starts changing the lighting until I remove the piece. Any tips?

  8. That is what I do. Light from Windows made it weird…now I’m gonna do the curtains with color to keep the light out

  9. How do you display makeup and skincare items? I sell makeup and skincare

  10. Darn. I was too slow to screen shot!

  11. I did a mood board to help me with my redo room.

  12. Thank you for the recap!!! I just joined!!!!

  13. Oooh, I made it just in time for the recap.

  14. Gotta have your Fung shway… don’t know how to spell hahahaha

  15. That’s how it should be spelled!!!

  16. Lisa Malone says:

    Thank you lovely ladies for the ideas and inspiration😊 I sell Avon and Mark products have a great day tomorrow is my birthday can’t believe I’m going to be 50 ❤️you are both amazing!

  17. This was great thank you! As soon as the kids house is built and they move out I will have my room back, lol. In the mean-time I am goign to get a backdrop for my shop for when I go live. Already looking into a custom one on Etsy.

  18. I love the carpet! I have a gorgeous one made of NZ sheep wool in tones of orange with rays of 3D fringes sticking out creating stars or suns fitting to my orange gold yellow brand colors and it is thick and earthy and elegant. Every client who comes for the first time they make me compliments and want to know where I bought it! Yes, it’s not visible in my FB live/videos yet it grounds me and changed the whole room for the better.

  19. I have a beautiful bay-window in which I sit in two chairs with my coaching clients coming in, yet for videos it sucks! So I need to let the blinds down before I go live or jump into a conference online with clients. Getting recently rid of an old ugly dark fan and outdated center ceiling lamp and getting strong ceiling spot lights plus repainting the ceiling white was a huge up-leveling of the light situation. Next piece: the ring light Molly uses to light out my face better!

  20. Awesome Audra Wrightson !!Design Diva!! Create Decorate Elevate!! Molly Mahoney LOVED Self Employed and Loving It!

  21. Purple, White, Gold, Warm Yellow

  22. I was wondering how you work within a corner!

  23. Lisa Malone says:

    Thank you lovely ladies for the ideas and inspiration I sell Avon and Mark products have a great day tomorrow is my birthday can’t believe I’m going to be 50 you are both amazing!

  24. Tess Benson says:

    I NEED that octopus in my life….

  25. Tess Benson says:

    Thanks for the push!!! Good by peachy wall!

  26. I like in black, black and black

  27. Love the chair…perfect for Mollybot!! xo

  28. Tip for those wanting to use their books in the background – have you book printed in Matte rather than Gloss. Even if you just get 1 copy. Charmaine 🙂

  29. Can’t wait to hear from Audra!!

  30. When I typed in “DESIGN” it took me to the start of the LIVE feed and I’m no longer live

  31. Shamis Talib I have an office that is a guest bedroom as well. I can send you some pictures as ideas.DM me

  32. Andy, we just got to the points to remember

  33. What lighting do you recommend for a glow ring?

  34. Jewel colors. Cobalt blue, green, red

  35. I always thought they were pink and purple. I wonder now if they are my favorite colors or inspirational colors. I think yellow.

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