Dressing for your body type.

Dressing for your body type… with this dear friend, mama, and AMAZING STYLIST, Maegan Watson of My Dear Watson! Totally blew my cover because I've been doing it ALL WRONG! (well… sometimes.)

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  1. Kendra Lea says:

    I’m an A line dress gal 😉

  2. Kendra Lea says:

    I wear mid-rise jeans or I get muffin top and I don’t even have muffin top. Wearing the right silhouette makes all the difference for sure!

  3. Kendra Lea says:

    If you like belts rock them I say! I love 50’s and 60’s style sooooooo much ❤

  4. Kendra Lea says:

    Full length mirror! Biggest problem solver ever!

  5. Kendra Lea says:

    For arm issues quarter length sleeves rock!

  6. I love you! Thanks for being so real.

  7. Love you both! 💜💜

  8. Wait! So you’re at a conference that has wallpaper exactly like the wallpaper in your house? What are the odds? haha

  9. i always ruche on my belly! Eeek!

  10. Def don’t need extra weight there! lol

  11. Ooohh I may need to restrategize my love for LLR Amelias. Yikes!

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