Enjoyable… yes I said, enjoyable sales conversations!! Say what?! You heard that right… no more Salesy Weirdo going on here!

If you have struggled with the whole sales-thing in your business… you are in the right place right now!

Sales grow your business. Period. So let’s stop struggling and start creating enjoyable sales conversations.  In this video, we are going over some ninja sales training with my special guest Tasha Saran Smith. She is going to share 5 keys that make the sales process an enjoyable experience for you and your customer!

Show Notes:

Tasha has a great perspective with sales. She believes it is the most honorable profession. It is because when you are being a real human you are solving problems for others. You are not selling. You need to get this down inside you.

Solving problems is not selling. This is an important shift for many of us to get. I will say it again. Sales is not selling… it is solving problems for your customers. And THAT is a very noble activity.

A second thing that is very important to know before we get started is what Tasha calls “Structured Sales Conversations”. This is the key to creating enjoyable sales conversations. We are going to go through her 5 Keys to structuring those conversations.  Here is the first key.

1. Set Up an Appointment

This step of setting up the appointment is a key to your success. It makes for enjoyable sales conversations and increases the probability of conversions at the meeting. You are setting the stage for success later.

You establish credibility when you set up the appointment properly.

  • Usually what Tasha does is set up an appointment and gets consent to do it.
  • People are not in a position to make a decision when you are just chatting with them, they are uninformed. What you want to do is set up an appointment so you can walk through things and inform and educate them on your products and services.
  • Ask for the appointment. Get consent. “Is that something that you’re open to?”

It’s not what you tell people… it’s what you ask! Ask good questions. Ask better questions. Even role play if needed. At the very least here is a framework that works well:

  • “Tell me about your situation?” 
  • “Tell me more about your situation?”
  • “What else?”
  • “Tell me more?”

Like actually say this. Notice it repeats. It will feel weird at first but good salespeople do this to create enjoyable sales conversations. It works. It creates credibility and authority so they listen to you.

Then restate the list back to them so they know you know. Write stuff down. It shows you care. They will see that and most will appreciate it.

4 Step process to set up the appointment:

  1. Agenda: Let them know the agenda or framework (what the appointment looks like)
  2. Time Frame: Let them know how long it is going to be so they are not wondering. It shows them respect and shows them you know what is going on.
  3. Remove Pressure: Informing them what is going on removes pressure. If there are things potential clients typically are uncomfortable about, elephants in the room, address it upfront as you book the appointment. Acknowledge the awkward. This relieves the pressure. This is where you are creating enjoyable sales conversations. It is right here booking the appointment!!
  4. Ask for Consent: This is a big one. It is a simple as being polite. “I will being doing this or that, are you okay with that?” “Are you agreeable to… [fill in the blank]. “Would it be okay if I… did this or did that?”

Here is another key thing. Remember that it is about them. If you are new to sales you will be nervous and likely make it all about you. But remember it is all about THEM! Their challenges. Their problems. Their agenda!!

You are there to serve them! Help them.

2. Set the Agenda before the call and, at the top of the call

You want to do this twice. Repeating starts the education process. It makes sure they know what is going on and that is showing them respect. It is not being a Salesy Weirdo. Set the agenda when you book the meeting. And, repeat the agenda when you start the call or meeting.

When they know what is going on, you increase your conversion rates. When you set the agenda it does a few things:

  • You establish trust.
  • You establish credibility.
  • It demonstrates you understand them, their challenges and what they need.
  • It starts the education process.
  • It shows you know what you are doing and makes them feel safe.

3. Gain Input

When you gain input from them this shows you care. There is a great Zig Ziglar quote:

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

We covered some of this above but will highlight it again. Who is this about? Them or you? It is about them so ask them questions. Good questions. Better questions to gain input from them. Here are some:

  • “What do you already know about how this product/service works?”(Actually ask this. You will not make yourself look foolish if you find they are experts at it. Or if they know nothing you don’t want to talk over them and make them feel like they should know stuff.)
  • “Tell me about your situation…?”
  • “Why is that important to you?”
  • “What else?”
  • “Tell me more?”

4. Personalize the Features and Benefits

What this means is to use the language you have heard them speak as you gathered input asking your questions. Bring their language into how you describe the features and benefits of your products and services.

Here is a key question to ask them often: “How does that sound?”

Again, repeating some questions is just fine. Be genuine as you do it. Don’t feel weird as you ask a second time… ask it as if it is your first time each time you ask. And, change it up a bit. “Do you like the sound of that?”

Another key point here… video calls are waaay better than voice calls. Use Zoom a lot with the camera on. This way they can connect with you more as they see you. And you will connect with them more as you see them.

5. Make it easy to buy with 2 choices?

The key here is to have 2 choices. Not just one… and not lots like 5 or 10. If you do have lots of choices group them together into simpler decisions.

  • The point here is to reduce the overwhelm if too many.
  • And to give them choice if you only have one.
  • Stats are that you will lose 30 to 40% of your sales if you only have one option.
  • You can increase your sales 60% by having 2 options.

Here is another thing… most salespeople sell how they want to be sold to… don’t make this mistake. As a salesperson, you are already converted and “sold” on the product. Here are some keys things to know:

  • Start where they are at… not where you are at, remember it is about them not you.
  • Start high and drop down (only if you need to) in your price offering, if they take the high one you didn’t limit yourself. If they can’t afford it, it is easy to drop down. It is harder to ask for more if you started low.
  • If you have to ask for more or do an upsell, that is a more advanced sales process and if you are new you are stuck so start high and drop down only if needed.
  • When you are cold calling … use consent, which is basically just asking if it is okay. “Are you okay if we do this?” “Are you okay if we do that?”
  • Be upfront with people, have good intentions and clear intentions.

Be open in your sales conversations. Don’t be closed be open. Being open allows you to create enjoyable sales conversations. It is like holding sand in your hand. If you close your hand the sand falls out through the cracks. But, if you leave your hand open it all stays there in your hand.




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