One of the hardest things to do in business is expanding your belief and capacity to receive more.  It doesn't matter how awesome your products are, or how many templates and guides you have. If you don't allow yourself to actually receive, it's not going to come in.

So, how can you expand your belief and capacity for receiving more?  How you can actually make this shift right now and start to release money blocks?

Well, we have some of the top tips from award winning business coach, national speaker, bestselling author and all around bad@ss, Shameka Tankerson!


Expanding Your Belief and Capacity to Receive More!


Don't put others on a pedestal

When we put things or people on a pedestal, we are saying we could never achieve or accomplish that. What we want to do is celebrate the excitement of it,  and open ourselves up to receiving exactly what it is that we desire.

Celebrate the success of you

Celebrate the success of you. Often times I'll find myself having a little bit of shame about accomplishing great goals. And sometimes you want to celebrate the success of you, by buying something nice. It's okay. There's no shame in that. It pulls other people forward with you to say, “Hey, if she/he can do it, I can do it.”

Shine the light on the shame

Molly sometimes refers to celebrating your own success as coming out of the success closet,  but shame often is like, “Oh, I don't want to tell anybody that this has happened to me.” And it usually holds a big cloud on top of us. So if you shine a light on it, you bring it out into the light, it has no more power. 

Value vs. Comparison 

If you find yourself in a comparison trap, what happens? What do you do?

Here's the deal: If you're comparing yourself to other people, you're basing everything you're doing on their belief systems, whether it's their money beliefs, whether it's their value, right? And so it's not about comparing, we don't have to compete. There's competition, there's healthy competition, but you want to get real about the value that it is that you bring to the table. What's the value of the transformation that you provide? Don't price your services based on somebody else's money mindset.  There is something only you can do and people who need it from you.   

Accept help

The acceptance of help is extremely important in expanding your belief and capacity to receive more, and that's not just in money. It translates into every area of your life. So if someone says, “Let me carry your groceries.” Yes. Thank you. If someone says, “Can I get a cart for you?” Yes. “Can I take your bags?” Absolutely. Sure you can. “Can I pay for your meal today?” Not, no, no, no, no, no, no, I got it.” It should be  “Yes. And thank you.” It expands your capacity to receive. It's something you can practice literally all the time.  

“There's black socks in the drawer” 

What is my capacity to receive? When you're pricing your services, there's no right way, and a wrong way. There's no standard pricing. So what you have to ask yourself is, what is my capacity to receive? Right now what can I accept?  Whenever you say your price, it needs to have no emotional charge. For example, When you say, “There's black socks in the drawer,” there's no emotional charge. So the price point that you have the capacity to receive, will feel the same as saying, “There's black socks in the drawer.” Because it's just a thing. It's a fact. It's the truth.

Don't be anxious about time

Time is based on perception.  Results, sales, and more money in your business doesn't have to take time, but it does absolutely take courage.

We talk a lot like we're going to be “investing,” something in our business, whether it's money, time, whatever it is, maybe what we're actually investing in our business is that courage. Maybe courage is the currency.

Change the currency to courage.

Tell the truth

So, in order for you to shift from where you are to where you want to be, you have to acknowledge where you are. We have to tell the truth, right?

Sometimes we don't tell the truth. Sometimes we are not honest about what we truly want, and that's we don't have that success because it's not that our goals are too high. They're actually, most oftentimes I'll find, way too low.



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