Dude. You are not going to win! No matter how hard we try, we can not manage time!

(0:39) The idea of “time management” doesn’t actually happen – you have to manage YOURSELF. You have to fit, prioritize and make things work.

(0:59) Find out the reason we all need to be using this crazy amazing tool in my new live video masterclass! www.livevideomasterclass.com

(1:59) You can use Facebook Live as a tool even if no one shows up

(2:16) If you can come in and deliver the content quickly, the user still has the experience of having a conversation with you

(3:02) Facebook Live is the hottest tool right now for visibility, credibility and audience building

(3:22) Learn how to use Facebook Live to gain live engagement

(4:13) Learn strategies to create content and share information easily to engage your audience and let them know they can trust you and that you have something even more amazing that you are going to be offering

(4:41) Learn simple strategies to turn a live video into your ‘Brand Ambassador’

(5:24) People are able to connect with you and recognize your brand through live videos

(6:11) Learn how to turn Facebook Live into your own lead generation system

(6:59) Find out the three biggest mistakes people make with Facebook Live

(7:24) We are not going to win this battle with time, so we might as well find some strategies to work with it

(7:57) Also, learn this super awesome ninja trick for getting a great thumbnail! You want something that engages people and lets them know that your video is going to be valuable right away. Be intentional about that thumbnail!

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