Potential Clients Can’t Afford Your Services? Join us for 5 clear steps to connecting with clients who are ready to invest in what you have to offer. And, as a bonus, comment below with the words “pep talk” and I’ll send you a really powerful blog post about setting your prices and feeling great about them!

(0:26) If you have done the work and you’ve identified your ideal client and it comes time for them to commit but they can’t afford it, what happens?

(0:53) They’re probably not actually your ideal client.

(0:57) In order for someone to be your client, there needs to be an exchange of energy.

(1:23) If you think you know your ideal client but they can’t afford your products or services, there is something else underneath that.

Five Step System:

Step One: DECIDE

(2:14) You need to decide what you’re actually worth. You have to know that you’re really worth it. Comment below with the words “pep talk” to gain access to a really powerful pricing pep talk!

(4:40) Pick a REAL human being as your ideal client. If you can pick someone else as your ideal client and really question them and figure out what’s going on in their brain, the more juicy and valuable your content will be.

Step Two: NEED 

(6:41) Do they have a need for their product or services?

Step Three: WANT

(7:02) Does the symptom put them in a place where they WANT the solution you are providing?

(7:44) Your free content needs to be something that convinces them that they want it.

(8:18) If you know you can solve a problem but you’re not speaking to the symptom, you’re going to lose so many people and it’s going to be harder to convince them to pay you for what is actually happening

Step Four: ENJOY 

(9:18) Is this someone you actually enjoy working with? Do you enjoy providing the solution?

(10:17) Some of you may feel a pull to deliver products or services that your really enjoy delivering, but you may be afraid to commit to that. If you can decide on that, find the people who need and want what you have to offer, and it fits into what you love to do, how awesome is that?!

Step Five: PAY

(10:51) If you put all of these things into place first, it’s going to be easier to show your clients the value of what you are offering so they are ready to pay you.

(11:11) At that point you can do some creative solutions and realize how you can explain to your clients how they can pay you and work on getting good at that sales conversation and how you are providing value and proving to them that it is worth it.

(12:16) It’s really rarely about the money. It’s most likely about the way that you are communicating the value and connecting with that person so that they understand that you will hold the bar higher for them. It is an investment energetically that they are putting into themselves so that they can get the transformation they need.

You may need to make shifts and change your ideal client, but it really comes down to speaking to that one singular person and solving problems for them!