Five common mistakes that are scaring away your potential clients!

Five common mistakes that are scaring away your potential clients!


Did you know you may be scaring away your potential clients!?  No one wants that! Here I discuss what I believe are five common mistakes that may be scaring away your potential clients, and also your current ones.

#1 Too much automation

The biggest, scariest mistake is using too much automation. Now you know how much I LOVE automation, BUT  if you think automation is going to be this magic pill, you're mistaken. Automation is amazing, but you have to actually have something that works organically. It works as a human being first, before you add lots of automation to it.

#2 Know your objective and your intention

I cannot say this enough. Everything that you do in your marketing and your sales, you have to have an intention and an objective, AND you want to keep them separate. The only time they may be the same is if you're making a super, super hard sale. If it's valuable content that you're providing, if your intention is to get people on your list, your content is probably going to be bad, and people are going to leave, BUT your objective can be to build your community. You have to go about them differently.  If you get the two mixed up, it's not good.

#3 Keep up with changes

You've got to keep up with the changes. If you don't, you're going to end up being the one person left on the planet who's doing creepy evergreen webinars where you're like, “Wait, let me make sure we have everyone live. Are you live? Okay, you're live.” And you can tell that it's fake. Honor your community and keep up with the changes, because even if it means things might be a little sloppy from time to time, you will be much more effective and can serve them better, if you stay ahead of the curve.  There is always a new opportunity for new growth, and for you to show up on the top of the news feed, because you're keeping on top of the changes.

#4 Withholding Information

The more you say, “That's something we offer in our program. Oh, that's something we offer in our program. Oh, that's something just for my team members. Oh, that's something that…” but don't actually give value, the more people will be skeptical about what you ACTUALLY have to offer.  If you're selling a product,  a sample of your product could be helpful, so people can actually try it, test it out, know that you have real value to provide.  Share, give, don't live in scarcity mindset. Live in abundance, in such a place of abundance, that you trust in the ideal that the more that you give, the more things will come back to you.

#5 Building it FIRST

Whether you are a service-based coach, a real estate agent,  or even direct sales. If you are launching a course, a program, a training module for your team, whatever it is, if it is something that you're going to be selling or bringing people into an opportunity and you build it first, you are missing out on a major opportunity. An opportunity to build a great specialized program, and your sales are potentially not going to do as well.

Sell it first

Instead, use our sell it first method. This is when you build something while you're delivering it. Once you know what the benefits are of this thing that you're selling, you can deliver it. Listen and learn from the people who are learning from you, if you do this, you will be able to provide a better product. One thing that I think gets in the way of this is ego. If people are saying, “Hey, I have a question about this and I want more. This is kind of hard for me to follow. Could you explain it to me a little differently?”, and you're like, “No, this is the only way,” your ego is getting in the way of providing the best product that there actually is.

Do you know what's going to happen from that? Your sales are going to tank. So, sell it first. Listen to your community and be open to the fact that they're made. You know you're an expert in your field and the information that you're providing is solid, and there's going to be right and wrong ways to do it, but you want to be open to listening to your community so that you can best serve them. Yes? Yes!



All right, those are the five common mistakes you could be making that are scaring away your potential clients.  Yes, they are spooky and scary, but I don't want you to make them because you will scare your current and potential clients away. If you have made one or all of these mistakes, guess what? It's okay!! Make adjustments moving forward, it's all about learning and elevating YOUR awesome!


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