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Over 6k w/5 videos! Learn how we did it : ) Get in on this Free 5 Day Mini Course now so you know exactly what to offer in your 5 day challenge!

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  1. Your launch build your list. Love that!

  2. Billie Dye says:

    I am having problems connecting.😕

  3. Do you teach those who have absolutely no marketing experience and don’t know where to start ?

  4. I love “your launch builds your list”. I have been waffling on that because my list isn’t huge but my mini-course “Crushing Your Fear of Speaking” will help build that list. Thanks for the push that direction.

  5. Yes. Content and how to tailor it to my audience. Definitely want it!

  6. Great stuff! I have a network marketing business in beauty. Could I do a challenge to get more customers?

  7. Monica’s had a good question

  8. Would love to take part!!

  9. MLMs usually want to control all your marketing messages too

  10. Molly. What about for my launch in April 😉

  11. Yes exactly! I am looking to build my brand apart from my network marketing business so that I can get customers and team members as well.

  12. I’m a registered nurse , that’s obviously my field , is this marketable ? Eg health questions

  13. Molly Mahoney where is the link to the challenge?

  14. I want to learn more about this. give me the challenge 🙂

  15. how do i sign up for the 5 day challenge.

  16. Billie Dye says:

    I am having problems connecting.

  17. Denise Angus says:

    Have to head out. Look forward to the replay. Have a great live you two!

  18. Molly, challenge me, please! I’m stagnating and need new life!

  19. Haha! Six figures!! Haha 6k! Haha!

  20. Sarah Lennen says:

    Sign me up for the challenge 🙂

  21. Beth Lush says:

    Eve Humphrey she has on our necklace. I don’t know what she’s talking about though haha

  22. Love it! Glad I caught the replay. I’m signed up

  23. Tracey Cox says:

    Dale would you like to be my buddy?

  24. Drew Boudreau – did you see this? Do it!

  25. Diane Halfman – just wanted to make sure you saw this : ) I know you were wanting to check it out.

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