Get Out of Pivot Paralysis and Move your Biz Forward

PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT! Everyone's talking about it when it comes to online business growth strategies… but what if you find yourself in “PIVOT PARALYSIS.” You know, when you are stuck because you don't know which way to Pivot? Or… when you do pivot and hit a dead end? I’ve been thinking about this with all of the recent talk about “pivoting” in business. This may be a shocker… but for most people, I actually don’t think a pivot is the right move AND… most people that I’ve seen… are stuck in PIVOT PARALYSIS. Think about it. If you are looking to pivot right now… Are you turning and jumping into action? Or, are you stuck trying to decide which way to turn… so you don’t end up tangled up in a pretzel?

What if there was a way to keep growing an online business without needing to pivot your offer? Many of our clients have been able to show up, serve, and make substantial sales over the past 2 weeks. In making these sales they are providing massive value and setting groundwork for being stable and ready to go when we reach out “new normal.”And, they didn't “Pivot” in the way you think they might have.

What we’re talking about here is online business growth strategy, or having a plan and selling more at a profit. Growing an online business is something you’re trying to do, or else you wouldn’t be here, but it’s easier said than done. What I want to do is demystify the process for you so that it sounds less like an article you’d find in the Wall Street Journal and more of the help you’d get from a personal and friendly coach. But remember: online business growth strategies. That’s our target.

I’ve looked at the common traits between our clients who have made the biggest impact, provided the greatest value, and generated the most in sales. There are keys that stand out LOUD AND CLEAR.

It might just change the way you think about “Pivoting.” Want to know what they are?

Before we move on, I want you to think about the next steps as a RESET! Maybe you answered some of these questions before leaping into your business, but when was that a year ago, two years, MORE?! Take this time to RESET, make sure you have done all of these steps, do them NOW if you haven't in the past. If you take the time and do this work it's going to increase your inner knowledge and allow you to dive deeper into what your business is all about, and it will help you feel amazingly solid for how to make your online business grow during this crazy time!

Alright, here we go…


Step #1

Who are YOU?

Seriously, who are you as a HUMAN? If you have never done our exercise the Quesadilla of Awesome, DO IT! You can google it and it will help you find out who you are, so you can enjoy your business and attract people you want to work with. Check out how to create your Quesadilla of Awesome HERE. Your online business growth strategy in any industry requires that you know what you offer as a person.

Step #2 

Who is your Client?

Who are you serving? Write down 3 people you think you should be serving, move forward with the next steps with them in mind. Call them on the phone, talk to humans. Just because your business is online doesn’t mean you’re just talking to avatars on the other end of the line or screen – they’re people like you and me. Connect with those people and let them inform your understanding of your potential clients.

Step #3

Know Your Clients Problems

Not the problems that YOUR product or shrive can solve but their actual problems. This could change your messaging, or change how you show up, or even change your product? It may help you realize a whole new service that you can provide.

Remember that in marketing you want to be a quiet listener, not a megaphone. You’re not shouting at people until they buy your product or service – you’re listening to them to figure out exactly what it is that they want.

Step #4

Know your Solutions

Take a look at each problem and follow the next steps to do the “Solution Matrix” ( Check out our

  1. Can I solve this?
  2. Would I like to solve this?
  3. Will people actually pay me to solve this?
  4. Will this be a quick process?

Once you go through this Matrix, you will notice that there will only be a few things that will show up as ways that you will want to solve the problems, via a product that you want to offer. This will also give you ideas for your content, and maybe even offer YOU new solutions for what to offer to grow your online business. That list of problems may not even be something you want to solve but perhaps it's a partnership!

Step #5

Show up


GO LIVE! Find ways to create content that you can use over various platforms and repurpose over and over again. Show up consistently, be there for your people. Growing an online business is about BEING ONLINE! Be there for your customers – meet them where they are, when they are there.

Step #6

Build Your Community

Pull off social platforms and move to another form of communication, not only to connect in multiple ways but in case something happens to these social platforms. Send them to another membership platform somewhere else, an email list, call them. This may seem counterintuitive, because EVERYONE is on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest right now, but if one of those companies makes a decision to change their policies about online businesses–and they’ve made decisions like this before–you don’t want all of your eggs in one basket.

Step #7

Make offers

Offers do not have to feel icky or seem to be taking advantage of anyone when you’re growing an online business. As long as you are coming from a place of service, you can always graciously provide the opportunity to offer more support. Show up and provide free value and then offer support for them in the next step. Loads of free stuff is great, but if people are serious about getting their business off the ground and sustaining it they need coaching, support, extra eyes and encouragement.


A reset like this could make all the difference, so take these steps and get out of pivot paralysis and move your biz forward!

See? We talked all about online business growth strategies, and it wasn’t painful at all.


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