“How did you get so many Messenger Bot Subscribers?”

A question I have been getting asked quite often. It's all due to a strategy that has helped me take one of my videos past a reach of 1 MILLION people. And I am going to share that strategy with you. Yup, the exact one strategy that ONE video/bot sequence brought in 90K in sales. Crazy, right? It is time to grow your messenger subscriber list just like I did!

In fact, I am going to share FIVE separate strategies that have had amazing results. One brought my client 40 sales in two hours. Another helped a client being in an extra $6K a month. And one client was able to pass 16,000 subscribers that they are now able to begin relationships with.

I want you to see these results as well! So here are the exact methods I've used to welcome thousands of happy Messenger Automation subscribers for myself and my clients! We use and recommend ManyChat, but most of these strategies will work with other tools as well.

1. Messenger Ref URL

If you are going live once a week or are offering something of great value, then this is the perfect strategy. Once you create a Messenger Ref URL, you can create a link that you offer to your audience. This link can be attached to a download, a live notification, blog post or anything else that you want to place into their hands! Once they click on the link, they will receive whatever it is that you are offering directly into their FB Messenger! Send this to 100 people and welcome all your new connections!

2. Comment Below And Get

This strategy uses a ManyChat Growth Tool called Facebook Comment. Additionally, it requires your audience to comment on a Facebook post or live using a trigger word. This then activates the bot sequence to send a message or an offer into their FB Messenger. You can use this with a video, a text post, a graphic, etc. No only is this super fun for your audience but it also increases engagement on your Facebook posts! Can you say HELLO CONNECTIONS?! Wahooo!

3. Giveaway Goodness

This one has had amazing results for my clients. If you hold a giveaway, this works like CRAZY?! You can giveaway something that is related to your products which will be more authentic than simply giving away a free session. etc. You can give your audience a list of things to do in order to enter the giveaway. Tasks like sharing the video, comment below in the Facebook post and then leave a review on your business page. Most of all, this will increase your engagement for your videos and posts, help you build connections at the same time and help you gather testimonials all at once!

4. Subscribe Landing Page

With this strategy, you can set up a landing page that allows you to offer notifications for going live, accessing a masterclass or any other offer that you may have. This allows you to give your audience a link that takes them direct to your landing page where your offer awaits. One of the benefits of this strategy is that you can share this link virtually anywhere – various FB groups, emails, etc. Consequently, more you share, the more connections your make!

5. Website and App Integration

This is the strategy that allowed my client to reach over 17,000 subscribers. You can integrate your messenger bot into your website and apps. I know, what?! The possibilities are endless when integration outside of Facebook occurs. The power of this is insane! Adding an option to receive notifications, register for a masterclass, downloading a video are all ways that you can add more value on your websites and grow your subscriber list at the same time. Say good bye to low email click through and open rates!

Amazing right?! Can you say GAME CHANGER for your business! Are you ready to grow your business at a CRAZY INSANE rate?!

To see the case study of one of our favorite methods (the one that took us to 1 million people reached) click here.

To listen to our new podcast click here.

Watch the replay of the live video!

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  1. Action… I think I’m doing this with my website, LOL.

  2. I am beyond excited about all your ideas, Molly! I want to survive on little sleep and start implementing, implementing, implementing. A need a day of binge implementation!

  3. How do I take a screen shot from my desktop?

  4. oh, cool… I have a button but not a pop-up. Love that idea. AND LOVE how you are combining with emails… that’s been my struggle!

  5. Kori Francis says:

    Yes, this is powerful.. did you have to create the tag or is it automatic>

  6. Kori Francis says:

    thanks, thats helpful <3

  7. Kori Francis says:

    how do i get info into your coaching group. I’ve never bought coaching before but I’m intuitively drawn to you girlfriend

  8. Susan I use a browser extension

  9. on PC: hit the print screen button. for a particular window, hold down the ALT key then print screen

  10. Kori Francis says:

    Susan, you should have something called snipping tool in your start menu πŸ™‚

  11. Kori Francis says:

    it works just like Mollys

  12. THANK YOU!!!!you are AWESOME Molly!!!

  13. Lost internet and catching you 2nd time around!!!

  14. Evelyn Flynn says:

    I have played around with many chat but don’t know how to use.

  15. Deb Purney says:

    Replay πŸ’œπŸ’œ

  16. Alison Beall says:

    Texas appreciates prayers

  17. Omg that’s me and I totally have no excuseπŸ˜’

  18. Of course you have a real boy madeπŸ˜‚

  19. Woops that should have said real *bot not boy😜

  20. I like your blue eyeliner. It’s pretty😊

  21. FB was so goofy for me earlier this week! Couldn’t watch live no matter what I tried, but I can see/hear everything now!

  22. This is exactly what I need! I’m so busy that Plinny-RoBot can help me a lot so that I can have time to chat with people as the info part is already sent 😊

  23. I am going to have to listen to this again!!

  24. OMG, so happy to hear and watch your success and nimbers unfolding!

  25. So inspiring! I can simply say: I want that too. So happy to have you in my life trailblazing the path!

  26. Bot craziness! I have played around with my bot, and must hone in on it!!! Mine needs to stop just sitting there!

  27. Susan, shift, command and 4 to print screen on Mac

  28. Awesome Tips – thanks Molly – very valuable info!!πŸ’•

  29. Anonymous says:

    Joy Tanner Glazier Whittle you jeed to watch this!

  30. Anonymous says:

    replay..started a bot but don’t know all about it yet

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’m here!!! Just learning how to use it!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Got the case study – YES!

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