How are you spending your time? 5 Ways to Delegate! (And have fun while doing it!) – Going live with #belive

How are you spending your time? 5 Ways to Delegate! (And have fun while doing it!) – Going live with #belive

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  1. Penni Echols says:

    And find the right people

  2. yes. Molly bot worked 🙂

  3. Penni Echols says:

    I like how you are putting titles across. How can we find your instructions on this

  4. Ashley Ryan says:

    Business is business

  5. Ashley Ryan says:

    And online commication is so complex!!!!

  6. Ali Davies says:

    Two great books relating to this topic are Essentialism by Greg Mckeown and The One Thing by Gary Keller

  7. Ashley Ryan says:

    Regular meetings help

  8. Ashley Ryan says:

    Weekly team meetings.

  9. Ashley Ryan says:

    It’s a must and a good practice for growth

  10. Ashley Ryan says:

    Once a month for everyone and once a week for smaller stuff

  11. Zane Baker says:

    Weekly team meeting transformed my biz <3

  12. Ali Davies says:

    Ashley, I agree. I work on a review and planning cycle of annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily. Works a treat.

  13. Zane Baker says:

    I want more gigs <3 Hook me up with your friend 🙂

  14. Yes! Your celebrating is CONTAGIOUS!! 🙌💖

  15. Ashley Ryan says:

    Praise publically, criticize privately.

  16. Zane Baker says:

    Good to see u too <3

  17. Zane Baker says:

    Please tag me, I was out in The Grand Canyon and Sedona last week 😀

  18. Karen Ortiz says:

    Delegating, why is it so hard? Lol

  19. Ashley Ryan says:

    Woo hoo can’t wait

  20. Ashley Ryan says:

    It’s gonna be insane

  21. Ali Davies says:

    Fostering habits instead of relying on willpower and self-discipline is a more powerful way to maintain focus and personal effectiveness and get consistent results.

  22. Ali Davies says:

    A great book to help with habits is The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business by Charles Duhigg.

  23. Zane Baker says:

    Die Empty is another GREAT book on the topic of habit and inspired actions!

  24. Zane Baker says:

    Here’s the link to the book –
    this is no aff link, just simply to the book

  25. Ali Davies says:

    Zane, thanks for the book suggestion. Will check it out.

  26. Zane Baker says:

    What do you use for chatpot

  27. Janet Dudley says:

    Get out! That is super cool!

  28. Stacie Marx says:

    This is so funny my husband said I couldn’t escape you earlier!

  29. yay -forever live with Molly!! <3

  30. Lori Meeker says:

    I’m good at making the product!

  31. Hi Molly Mahoney. GO Team!

  32. Amanda Ready says:

    I just wanted to see Molly bot in action 😂😂

  33. When I wrote out a dream job description that outlined the personal and technical skills I was looking for to ‘elevate my awesome’ I was able to ask my most successful colleagues for referrals. Then I could share the dream job with highly recommended people and interview to find the perfect person. I found the perfect person and we have been working together happily ever since. Try this. You’ll like it.

  34. Thanks for the shout out Molly Mahoney. ‘make it a celebration’ adds to the awesome … one and all.

  35. Lisa Monette says:

    Help on my Volusion web site and opt in with Get Response help

  36. Lisa Monette says:

    FYI the bot go team didn’t come through 🤗

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