This one time, I accidentally hit 100k in sales in one month. **Warning – talking about biz results here – which sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable, but I think it's important for you to know what is possible.**

Sooo I'm driving with my Dad to dinner on a Friday night and I ask if I can listen to a video that Adam Urbanski had recorded for the group coaching program that I'm in. We track our efforts every week in a spreadsheet and he was reviewing the numbers and what we did to get there.

I was ready for him to lovingly find a few holes in our recent marketing efforts, or give me a swift kick into working a little harder.


My jaw hit the floor as I heard his review.

“Molly Molly Molly!'  “I was just tallying your numbers for this month – did you know – you did $117,000 in sales!?? I don't think you are even aware of how F-ing awesome this is!!”

Ummmmm nope! He's right! I had accidentally hit 100k in sales hadn't even noticed! My Dad and I start laughing – Hahahaha! Woah!

I'd been so focused on serving, and on tracking our weekly goals, keeping one foot in front of the other, the totals for the month hadn't crossed my mind! We have officially done in sales in one month, what I was had collected in revenue over one year just 2 years ago.

The thing that is CRAZIEST about this to me… I did this while SLEEPING MORE, while setting aside more time for family, and serving our clients at an even deeper level. Seriously – I've been going to be almost every night with the boys at around 930/10pm and getting up in the morning to do an hour walk.

As I mentioned earlier… sometimes I feel weird talking about monetary results. BUT for me… it's about so much more. We are serving hundreds of new clients this month! They are seeing major breakthroughs not only in their business results but in the way they bring their own unique self into their marketing. And, our business is able to support a team of rockstars that I LOVE.

I had a chat with our Director today about all that we did last month to make this happen.

There were a few big tweaks. I mean BIG tweaks that we made to ramp up our level of service which helped us to hit this goal.

I want you to know that this is possible for you!

If you are looking to make a difference in the world, sharing what you love, and hitting goals that allow you to live into your fullest version of awesome… I'd love to share these strategies with you.

So – want to know?? Want to make magic happen in your biz so you can wake up after days of cuddles and say, “Holy smokes! We flew past an awesome goal!!”

How I Accidentally Hit 100k in Sales in One Month

Business Foundations

I’ll be honest, at the time I was kind of afraid of growing our business, so I stopped marketing. I didn’t want to burn out again. BUT we made six shifts in order to release the fear of growth through being burned out. I am going to share them with you!  Some of these shifts are mindset-related and others are outreach-related.

You have to have your business foundations in place. If you don’t have these in place, none of this will work. You have to know exactly who you’re speaking to, the problems you solve for that person, who you are as a human being. The shifts we made were really about me making mental and emotional shifts because I was the bottleneck of all of this more often than not. 

If you’re a solopreneur, there is a point where you can’t take it to the next level by yourself. But you are so used to doing everything yourself. When you try to scale things and back off, that doesn’t work either. It’s a dilemma. 


Shift #1: Setting Non-Negotiables


This is for your business and your life. For me, life non-negotiables were harder. I have been working on this for years because I know that self-care does affect your business and I actually finally did it. It took me about a year to commit to them truly, but it’s been incredible.  Think about what your non-negotiables would be.

One of mine is, every single morning I am going to walk for an hour. Prioritizing my health shifted things. It prevented us from getting to a place where scope creep, which is when you’ve offered a deliverable and extra things pile onto the amount of work you are supposed to put into it, took over. Now clients understand the rules. 

  • Here are all of mine:
    • Walking every morning. I was always putting business stuff first. When I finally put my health first, I made 100k in sales… 
    • I prioritized sleep. In the past, I was often up working with clients until 1am. This means you’re not performing at your best capacity. I know that family is the most important thing to me, so I set a non-negotiable of going to bed with my boys. 
      • There have been many times in the past month when it’s 9:30 and I had things I knew I needed to do for my business. But when it was time for me to go to bed, I didn’t do them. Things went well anyway! A bunch of clients renewed, which is what contributed to the sales. I decided I didn’t want to be tired, stressed, and resentful anymore; I wanted to cuddle with my kids and work on my business. You can do both! 


Shift #2: Cobbler – Fix Your Shoes

Have you been in a place where everyone else is more important than your own business? I finally got to a point with our team, because this kept happening, where I was dropping things for our business because I was prioritizing everyone else over us, be it client work, friends, or anything else. 

We get so great at helping other people with something, and that thing ends up becoming the thing that is hardest to fix ourselves. So you have to figure out if you are doing everything to build everything else’s business and totally neglecting your own. Don’t be the cobbler who doesn’t fix their own shoes! 

I opted to put on the crown of marketing director back on me for the business, and I needed to release the responsibilities I was holding onto so that my team could actually do their jobs. It’s about empowering the team. It’s about delegating responsibilities. It’s about releasing control.


Shift #3: Full Transformation Pyramid


Some people thought this strategy was a bad idea, but guess what? It was a good idea. So the first part of this is if you have an idea that you think will allow you to skyrocket, trust yourself. This is a new system/process/thing I have come up with: the full transformation pyramid.

Oftentimes, we will think our audience doesn’t necessarily have enough money to invest in the full transformation we could provide, so we offer bite-sized things. Our clients buy these bite-sized things and think they have enough to get the win, but they don’t. We are doing a disservice by selling them these small things.

    • Side note: Sell It First is a new program that had a launch last month. It had a huge effect on what happened this month. Everyone thought it was against my 90-day year system from Todd Herman, but it’s not. This is it to a tee. Other people said I love creating chaos for myself. Yes, maybe I like exciting things, but there is something more strategic here.
    • It’s a system where you sell a program before you deliver it, and then you deliver it live. While you’re delivering it live, you can restructure it as questions are asked of you. 

Let’s flip this. We are going to think of the biggest, craziest way you could actually serve someone. If there was no limit on what someone could pay you, how much time you had to deliver it, what would this biggest transformation be? 

You can bring other people into your offer. It doesn’t have to be something that only you can deliver. Now that I have an awesome team, I am not really building bots anymore as an example. What is the highest level that you could provide?

From there, you have the highest level of success that will only be for a few people. Only a few people will get that thing at the top of the pyramid. From there, you step down. One level down will be slightly less of a transformation for slightly less money. As you go down each level, the transformation level goes down, as does the cost. Less support, less money. At the bottom, you will have a course, a DIY program, a template, live trainings. Sell It First would fit into this level. 

Once you’ve made a big deal about a lower-priced entry level offer, you can up-level people. This is not an automated tripwire. 


Shift #4: Come Out of the Success Closet


We have several higher-level systems that we do. We have a $25,000 system where it’s hardcore awesomeness with lots of done-for-you stuff. We focused less on all of that and more on how to scale our middle-level offer, which is our GLAM Program or the VIP Days we offer. It’s less expense in delivery. 

But the problem I had, which might be a problem a lot of you have, is for me it was harder to sell them a $10,000 program; I felt like a salesy weirdo. So I had to come out of the success closet and celebrate my wins. When you let people know about the magic you’re putting out into your world, while also having the full transformation pyramid in place, you can sell a lower-level thing to a bunch of people, up-leveling those folks into higher-level services. You’re already talking about the transformation you provide in a loud way! 

Some people want more support than that lower-level offer anyway. Sometimes you need more than just a template to implement something; that conversation can be vital. This can be like alchemy because depending on how you answer our questions, we can help you get so clear on these ideas.

By the way, you can be visible and start this before you start scaling and automating everything. 


Shift #5: Let It Go


This happened all over this month in the way I set the non-negotiables. Let things go and focus on what actually matters.

This has been huge energetically for me. I usually wear two zymbols. One set to say “Move” and the other says “Pop.” “Move” was for my non-negotiable of walking for an hour every day. “Pop” is when I start to get negative thoughts, look at my zymbol and pop those negative thoughts like a bubble. 

“What ways are you allowing your energy to spiral you and stop you from doing what’s actually important?” Are there times where you get a message from someone asking you a simple question that triggers a tailspin? I was getting this panicky energy instead of recognizing something is happening and going back to what I was doing.

This is all about recognizing your own energy and that you have a choice here. You can choose to be positive, but you can also choose how much effort you put into something.

My husband said this really well a year ago or so. He looked at me one night and said, “Molly, just tell the truth.” Not everyone is the same way where I am always asking if everyone is okay. You are enough. But just tell the truth. If you’re focused on something and don’t have time to do another thing, just tell the truth. 

Felicia talked to me about the idea of not letting yourself get too excited. I love being excited; joy is my default. Rather than being so excited, you can talk yourself out of realizing something is true. That’s a big part of this let it go idea. When I was freaking out about Adam’s message about my sales, I thought it was awesome, but I didn’t go full cuckoo-cuchoo like I may have before. 

What I have been working on is when something happens that is a surprise from the universe, like I have been clear about the vision of my dream life, so when it happens, you have to trust this is the direction you’re going in and live as the person who lives that success.


Shift #6: Relationships


If you spend too much time focusing on automating things, hiring a team to take over things for you, finding ways to repurpose content to pull yourself out of your business without doing this last step, it will become difficult for you. If you disappear and automate everything, the audience will realize you disappear.

One of our clients said, “I don’t really have friends on my personal Facebook page. I just have potential clients.” She wasn’t posting on her personal page and was having a hard time interacting in that space. She was trying to automate those relationships. Automating relationships requires the intention of building relationships.

Guilty as charged. We really scaled up our team. One thing I passed onto team members was strategy sessions and sales conversations. I shifted to more delivery stuff. 

My problem was I didn’t see the difference between being completely available all the time and having structured availability. If you look at your calendar and don’t have time for strategically building relationships, go two weeks ahead and block some time out.

    • Adam’s calendar has “Adam’s working – don’t talk to him” all over it, but that’s the time he dedicates to building actual relationships. It’s so annoying, but it’s so great. 

You also don’t want to be too available for people who are energy sucks who just want free things. This goes back to your non-negotiables. But if you don’t ever allow yourself to be available to the people you are looking to serve at the top level of the pyramid, how dare you. It’s really rude actually. If you are expecting someone to pay you tens of thousands of dollars and you’re not setting time aside to be available for them, that’s terrible.

There are now three giant chunks on my calendar that I call GLAM Parties, in honor of our main program. It’s our semi-private coaching program, a heftier investment, with three opportunities a week in addition to one call a month to get insight. I had to build time into my schedule to build those relationships. 

I had fully taken my online calendar offline. It was hard to book a call with me. I have since made that calendar available, but I have set some boundaries in terms of how much availability I have added back to that calendar.


Bonus Tip: Track Your Dang Business Numbers


This is exactly how I track numbers. My financial team sends me a weekly report of our numbers. But here’s a story about my dad. 

My dad is a tree trimmer with an amazing tree trimming business. He built it out of a closet as a kid with a chainsaw. They trim trees for most of California and parts of Arizona and Nevada. He is the nicest human on the planet. I watched my family build this business from nothing. His #1 tip for me was to track your sales every single day.

    • He sends out a report to the whole team of the sales. He celebrates the person within the company who brought in the most amount of sales. It’s so important.


Here’s the tip. We have a spreadsheet. If you get to the end of the week where you weren’t tracking your sales as they came in, it can be overwhelming. We track billboards (advertising your business), how many leads you generated (how many people are interested in your stuff), how many offers you made, how many conversions were made, and the dollar amount made from those conversions. Track all of those numbers every week. But if you wait until Friday, it will be overwhelming, so you postpone for the rest of the month. Then you get to the end of the month and it’s even worse. 

    • Let’s say someone is enrolling in a $10,000 program. If they pay you a deposit on the $10,000 program, track the whole $10,000. 

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