This one time, I accidentally hit 100k in sales in one month.

(Warning – talking about biz results here – which sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable, but I think it's important for you to know what is possible.)

Sooo I'm driving with my Dad and @Jolynn Mahoney to the rehearsal dinner on Friday and I ask if I can listen to a video that Adam Urbanskihad recorded for the group coaching program that I'm in.

We track our efforts every week in a spread sheet and he was reviewing the numbers and what we did to get there.

I was ready for him to lovingly find a few holes in our recent marketing efforts, or give me a swift kick into working a little harder.


My jaw hit the floor as I heard his review.

“Molly Molly Molly!' (Be sure to read that in an amazing Polish accent ?)

“I was just tallying your numbers for this month – did you know – you did $117,000 in sales!?? I don't think you are even aware of how F-ing awesome this is!!”

Ummmmm nope! He's right! I hadn't even noticed!

My Dad, Jo and I start laughing – Hahahaha! Woah!

I'd been so focused on serving, and on tracking our weekly goals, keeping one foot in front of the other, the totals for the month hadn't crossed my mind!

We have officially done in sales in one month, what I was had collected in revenue over one year just 2 years ago.

The thing that is CRAZIEST about this to me… I did this while SLEEPING MORE, while setting aside more time for family, and serving our clients at an even deeper level.

Seriously – I've been going to be almost every night with the boys at around 930/10pm and getting up in the morning to do an hour walk.

As I mentioned earlier… sometimes I feel weird talking about monetary results. BUT for me… it's about so much more. We are serving hundreds of new clients this month! They are seeing major breakthroughs not only in their business results but in the way they bring their own unique self into their marketing. And, our business is able to support a team of rockstars that I LOVE.

I had a chat with my main team member Kelley Yindiphol Tenny today about all that we did last month to make this happen.

There were a few big tweaks. I mean BIG tweaks that we made to ramp up our level of service which helped us to hit this goal.

I want you to know that this is possible for you!

If you are looking to make a difference in the world, sharing what you love, and hitting goals that allow you to live into your fullest version of awesome… I'd love to share these strategies with you.

So – want to know?? Want to make magic happen in your biz so you can wake up after days of cuddles and say –

“Holy smokes! We flew past an awesome goal!!”

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