If you have started to wonder, how long until you see ACTUAL results in your business?! This is for you!

Have you ever posted a video or photo and then hit refresh every 30 seconds to see if anyone noticed?
I neeeeever do that! Since we put so much effort into content creation… Like we are seriously pulling from the depths of our soul! It feels like the results should be immediate!

And then… we see friends or gurus talking about their crazy fast wins. Like – you know – A friend did a million dollars in one hour! Totally doable!

Another friend did 3 Million in a weekend! Oy.  So, for most of us… that's going to take a little more time.

Truth is – for everyone it takes a little more time, but they don't always show you that part of the journey! So, I thought I'd pull back the curtain, show you that part of the journey and let you know what you can expect when it comes to marketing in getting results!

Sounds fun right!?

I have a little quick system that allows you to go through a process in order to track your own results, and also see just
how long it may actually take to see the results that YOU want to see.




The first thing is you have to set a very clear specific vision. Write it down. I have mine written in my calendar. I look at it every single day at 5:30 in the morning. It's like a recurring calendar item for me. Connect with that vision, tap into that vision.


Now that you have a vision set,  start to celebrate the micro wins. Now matter HOW small you think something may be,  you might be closer to your vision thank you think. When you look at these micro wins, don't downplay them, it's just going to send you backwards. Instead CELEBRATE these micro wins, REALLY celebrate them! This also allows you to continue your practice of  gratitude,  like through the soul of your being.  Not just, “Yay! I had a $7 sale,” but like, “WOOHOO! That $7 sale is
proof that there is goodness coming. Something's about to happen. In fact, it already has. I just haven't gotten there yet.” You've got to celebrate it to the core of your being.  Okay, so you need to celebrate but how long until you see ACTUAL results in your business!? Keep reading! 


Yup like a freeway ( or highway for non Californians 😉 This part is the part that may take a minute to get on board, but just hear me out. Amy Porterfield did an amazing podcast, where she shared a story about a launch that she had helped a friend with, that failed. She said the reason that it failed is that they didn't give it a three month “on ramp.” Which comes from consistent content and consistent connections. So, if you're just getting started and you go straight into a big old offer and nobody shows up, it's probably because you haven't actually built that on ramp. HOW do you build an on ramp, I'll show you how in Part 2!


The Molly Mahoney Show Stopping Business Plan

It's all about building your network, (which is your net worth, don't they say,) and also building your content up. (If you need help attracting leads checkout THIS blog post, when you are done here! ) Below is the show-stopping business plan, which can actually help you when you're doing this on ramp. FIRST –  Go back and check to make sure that you have these things in place.

Create your Billboard

So, the first thing is you've got to be putting out consistent content. This is sort of like your billboard in Times Square! Let people know that you're here and that you have value to provide.

Create your Box Office

Next you will need to collect info and follow up with them, and this is your box office. So, you have to make sure that you're making offers in a big way, like an event, like a webinar, and also one-on-one offers.

Deliver, Deliver, Deliver

You then want to create a seamless onboarding process that allows you to really give a strong delivery for your programs, right? When you do that, whether you're making offers, or you're putting out content, people who love your products and services will start to refer you. So, the better you can be at delivery, the better you're going to be at sales in the future.

So there you have it, IF  you have these things ready to go, your on ramp is just waiting to be built and get your business on the track to getting ACTUAL results! 3 months is all it can take until you see ACTUAL results in your business! Do you already have all this in place? You probably have more results than you actually realize, don't let the momentum stop.

My friend Ron loves to say that a launch is really the thing that sends the spaceship up into the air, but it's not what keeps it in the air, that's simply where it begins. So, stay committed to your goals. Stay committed to your vision and
know that when you need support, we are here for you!



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