Increase your organic reach on Facebook. We crack the code! You came to the right place. Right here, right now, we have 5 Ninja FB Networking tips that will increase your organic reach on Facebook. Here is how to increase your Likes, Friends and Followers!

If there is anyone on this planet that makes me say… “Holy Heck, how did she get those amazing results!!??” It’s Fallon Zoe!!!

Fallon is going to share with us her secrets for hacking organic reach on Facebook (FB); how you don’t need to use FB Ads; and how to “network your face off” to get results.

She should know because she grew her following to 35,000 in 12 months with NO Ad spend! Wait, what?

Let’s jump right in!


Show Notes

News Flash! There is no magic FB button!! People think there is… but there isn’t AND we share with you 5 Tips of where to network instead.

Here is the thing… if you WANT to be doing FB Ads… you need to know how to communicate with people and how to build a community. We show you that here. There are things you need to be doing FIRST before you run FB Ads to increase your organic reach on Facebook.

So the best news is these tips apply to both situations whether you do want to do FB Ads or if you don’t. Either way these tips are golden.


Tip #1: Understanding the Pages

There are 4 types of pages and it can be confusing with the language to let me explain.

  1. Profile (Your Personal page)
  2. Page (Which is a Business page)
  3. Groups
  4. Events

So technically a “Profile” is a person’s personal page. A “Page” then is technically a Business page that someone manages. However, the confusion comes in that we commonly refer to these generally as pages.


Core Principal:

Here is a core principle you can apply in social media platforms. In particular use this to increase your organic reach on Facebook.

  • Learn what gives other people notifications. Identify in the given platform (FB or otherwise) how this works.
  • Learn the difference between those notifications that ARE and are NOT your current connections.


On Personal Profiles:

What gives somebody a notification? Reactions and Likes? Fallon loves the WOW-face. Why? Because it is an unknown! It creates curiosity. Is it a good wow or a bad wow?! You stand out with it!

When you use it, people will hopefully come back to your profile and see you are a proactive, interesting person and want to friend you.

Key tip: Wow-face, comment, like on people that are NOT currently on your friends’ list. Remember your objective here is to be networking and increasing your reach!


On Pages (aka: Business Page)

How to network on Pages (Business pages).

  • Look for active pages… not ghost towns.
  • Preferably with over 10,000 followers.
  • Posting Daily.
  • Doing Live Videos Daily
  • Getting 50 to 100 plus reactions (comments, likes etc) on their posts.
  • This kind of a page is a page with life on it!

Her favorites are with book authors. They are great at building community and giving back and helping others. They are great at attracting the right people for their topic. Makes sense right!

So go to network on these active Pages (Author pages for example). Don’t Spam it.

Here is h0w to do it on these active Pages (Business pages):

  • When someone asks a question… respond to it in a normal human way.
  • Responding triggers a notification #1.
  • You want to make people feel special.
  • Use their name to tag them (triggers a notification #2).
  • Then give them a Wow-face notification #3.
  • This is 3 notifications with one person.
  • Don’t friend a bunch of people. That is what not to do! and might get you banned from the page/group. Network to them.


Here is how to Network to People:

  • When there is a post go through all the reactions. They are in columns.
  • Zero in on these three:
  • Hearts
  • Laughy-face
  • Wow-face
  • These have emotion beyond just a Like or a Thumbs up.

Next, go to their Personal Profile and Like and Comment on it. These notifications to THEM will hopefully get them to stalk you and make a friend request of you.


Here is the Goal:

Be RECEIVING friend requests!

Wait, what!! Did you get that!!

Create the situation so that THEY friend YOU!!

People sometimes don’t have engagement on their business page… so the organic way to do this is to go to other’s Personal Profiles and create the notifications so that THEY friend you. This will increase your organic reach on Facebook.

If you don’t have an active Page (Business Page), the strategy here is the following:

  • Start with engaging with your Personal Profile first…
  • Then people friend YOU…
  • Then will follow over to your Page (Business Page).

Fallon explains this more in her Organic Growth Blueprint!


Objective vs Intention:

The objective may be to get followers and friends… but don’t let that get in the way of your intention which is to be a real human being.

Fallon created this method out of the limitation on needing to do this without cost. This concept of “network-your-face-off” is organic.

Invest your time or your money. Unless you do either of these your business will not grow. If you can do both all the better.

But you CAN do this on a bootstrapped budget! Organic growth is possible and can be amazing!

You don’t know if they have interest in you or not… are they just being nice?! So don’t friend THEM… like and comment on their profile and when they come back to YOUR profile (stalk you!! lol) they will hopefully see your value-based content a good profile and want to friend you.

  • Look at all there Wow-faces!
  • I’m going to checkout her profile.
  • Value-based content.
  • Positive and productive.
  • Great profile picture.
  • She has videos.
  • She looks awesome!
  • I want to friend her!

Out of about 50 people Fallon reaches out to with this kind of networking… she gets about 20 friend requests back. Organic growth is to network your face off!! This way you can increase your organic reach on Facebook.


Ninja Tips on FB Stats:

  • You can’t have more than 5,000 friends… and
  • You can’t have more than 1,000 friend requests
  • So you have to thin these out
  • Fallon uses the Request list as a networking list
  • What Fallon does is never accepts friend requests from men… (because that is not her audience. She is building a community of women) unless she knows them or they are a Public Figure.
  • She uses the Request list to come back to work through. She does about 10 a day.
  • If they are not engaging when she does… and they don’t respond… she does not accept the request and denies it.
  • Friends list: she is constantly growing. She has 1,500 friends and 5,000 followers
  • My secret trip… remove on people’s birthdays as it is a busy day.
  • Fallon uses the birthday trick daily… the day BEFORE. She sends a birthday note like and comment… and if they don’t respond… she unfriends.
  • If she recognizes the person she keeps them… if not she unfriends.


Tip #2: Networking in Groups

Groups are typically the most top of mind for people. People think hey I’ll go network in this or that group. But the thing you need to know with groups is… they are long-term. You can increase your organic reach on Facebook but groups take time. This is Fallon’s least favorite. Her favorite is as above… the personal profile.

  • If you jump in and try to get a response in a group immediately it does not work.
  • Groups are long-term focused.
  • You need to be a regular contributor adding value.
  • Weekly to build a relationship with folks… over time.

Enough said on that.


Tip #3: Networking by Hosting Events

The event section in FB… but not a party type of event where you are being a in-person hostess… but an online event hosted on FB.

  • Remember: your focus is networking … it is not selling stuff!
  • People don’t want to come to selling events.
  • Also, best if it is a Public event not a private event.
  • Next, post exclusive information PRIOR to this main event
  • Hopefully, your event is a FB Live… (they get the best results)
  • Schedule the main Event in the Events App and…  Schedule a Live broadcast (on your personal page; doing so gives people a button to click for a reminder which ensures that they will show up for it).
  • Tip: Go live on your Personal Profile… not in the Event! (You can, but the ninja tip is to go live on your personal page as it works the algorithms better and gets better organic reach on Facebook.)
  • Ideally, schedule your main Event 24 hours before it happens (this gives people time to see it is happening and plan for it).
  • After you do the live on your Personal Profile… Share it into your “Event”.



  • Say it is a brussell sprout event
  • How to Cook 10-min Sprouts
  • Cover photo relevant to this event
  • Description, Location
  • Exclusive content
  • Post the event

(Did you know… There is even a separate Event App that FB created for setting up Events!! It is large though and you may not want it on your phone.)


Ninja Tip on Event Content:

  • Put exclusive content in your event so when people see that content they share the Event out.
  • This creates a reason for people to tag and invite others… which is what you want.
  • You are providing value-based information by doing this.


Ninja Tip on How to Invite People to Events:

  • When you click share button (unless FB changes)… Underneath it click invite
  • Left-hand side there is some magic. Find events that you have attended; Groups you are in; It will expand to all the groups you are in;
  • Select “ALL” to invite all friends from those past events.


Tip#4: Networking in Other People’s Ads

Networking on Ads… that other people do!! Fallon always says… “Don’t get mad… get glad!!” The point is… Ads are not a pain in the butt… they are opportunities for networking! Learn to work the algorithm and increase your organic reach on Facebook this way.

  • You can see whom they are targeting.
  • Don’t be a spammy salesy weirdo.
  • Use the same principle above on pages.
  • Find those who comment positively and the kind of person you want to network with.
  • Click up on the “Why am I seeing this ad”.
  • Start to learn how Ads work; get insights on how the algorithm is working.


Ninja Tip on How to Tweak the Algorithm:

  • If an ad is not relevant to you… Click “Hide Ad”.
  • This tweaks the algorithm.
  • Make sure you are engaging with the right kind of ads you want to see… and show less of those Ads that are not relevant to you… OR YOUR DESIRED AUDIENCE!!
  • Start using the algorithm to your advantage!!


Tip #5: Networking in Other People’s Events

You literally can find anybody that is interested in any topic with this method. Hack the Events function to increase your organic reach on Facebook.

  • Event classifies each event… so use this.
  • When one is set up it also asks for a physical Location.
  • Use this to find people in a geological location.
  • Use the same principles as above… Look at the Invited, Maybe, Going lists to find those you want to connect with.
  • Show LOVE first… be a real human.
  • Go to their Personal Profile and Like and Comment… like a real human.
  • And… ask a question they can respond to! This is key to create engagement.

People always ask for a template of what to say. You can’t really use a template. That is being a salesy weirdo. Just be a real human being! A trick is to tap into who you are as a human being to connect with others. My Quesadilla of Awesome is a perfect way to do this.

And most importantly… take action to practice, practice, practice this kind of reaching out and networking on FB. You WILL get better over time.


Ninja Tip on How to Be Real:

If you were at Starbucks… what would you say to someone standing in line?! Just be natural. I assure you, you would comment first by striking up conversation… your first words would NOT be “come to my event!” or “Let’s have a private conversation.” or “Can you step outside for a second?” Say things like:

  • “That looks so fun!”
  • “I love your shoes!”
  • Talk about your/their kids
  • All kinds of ways to START conversations
  • Create awareness of things in common.
  • “I like your hair”
  • “I like your hat”
  • “I like your purse”
  • “I like [fill in the blank]” but be genuine and create conversation… if they engage, great! If they don’t, great!


Ninja Tip on How to Start Conversations:

Start conversations publicly… before you converse with them privately.

  • Think about it… At a party you would not start a conversation with the first words out of your mouth as…  “Hey let’s go outside to talk privately?” That would be weird.
  • FB is a public forum. Join the conversation publicly… THEN… go private.
  • Comment on common things… then say “Hey let’s talk about… [fill in the blank]”.
  • Create a reason to chat on Messenger.


That wraps it up! We just talked about 5 amazing ways to network to increase your organic reach on Facebook. Not only that, but it will help you lay the proper groundwork for you if and when you want to run FB Ads. This is golden!



Fallon’s “Organic Growth Blueprint

  • How Fallon grew her FB following to 35,000 with NO FB Ads!
  • Where to network on FB?
  • And, once you start networking where do you put your efforts?
  • Do you focus on your personal page, business page or groups or what?
  • How do you track this? What steps do you take?
  • Fallon’s Blueprint has got you covered


Fallon’s webpage: LadyTribe.com


Here is the link to the Awesome “BeLive” Tool I use for these FB Live Broadcasts: ThePreparedPerformer.com/belive


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