How to Create a Powerful Vision

with Marilyn Alauria


Although you will continue to hear about pivoting or growing your business, you can only get so far, if you don’t have the correct MINDSET.

There are few people that I REALLY trust to help me shift my outlook and to create a powerful vision of what is possible… and one of the BEST at this is Marilyn Alauria. Marilyn uses unexpected techniques that have helped thousands to step into a greater version of themselves, and her ability to help us to set our vision for who we will be a year from now is something I KNOW will help you to build your business and make an impact! As one of my first friends in business, we met as mastermind partners in Todd Herman’s 90 day year program, and as a private client I’ve seen her videos and bots go crazy with engagement and conversions.

She knows her stuff, so keep reading to help yourself create a powerful vision!


Meet Marilyn!

Marilyn is known as a psychic medium, teacher, and coach, but what she teaches can be applied to anyone as it’s quite practical. It took her fulfilling a few different goals to get to where she is now, because what she thought were HER goals were in fact, everyone else.

Fun fact: She won an Emmy as a production manager.

Not Fun Fact: That career made her miserable.

To address the misery she was feeling, she went to dream therapy classes. These classes opened her up to meditation and symbolism and energy. While she likes to give grounded, practical advice, she believes that there are things that are unseen, and that we can tap into the energy of them. The dreams in Marilyn’s heart were meant to be lived, but how did she navigate that? She moved from behind the scenes to in front of the screen, and after having a successful acting career, Marilyn now teaches people how to believe in the dreams in their hearts and make them a reality. She also teaches business owners how to create a business from the inside out so that they are speaking from a passionate place. 


In order to help clients and people find their best life, and create a powerful vision Marilyn created a product called Soul Finder Academy, which allows you to discover your truth and build a business that reflects the truth. She follows guides, an unseen energy that helps give her information and allows her to create her magic. The guides have helped her shift her life and create this tool. She also created the SASS technique which is what we are going to go breakdown here!



S -Subconscious Thinking. 

A -Alignment with Your Soul, remembering who you are and what you wanted to be when you were young without the judgment of those around you.

S- Soul Ignition. We light that fire again. 

S- Synchronicity.



S: Subconscious Thinking

We do not need to change our vision given where reality is. No matter what is going on in the world, it is the time for us to step out with our vision in a brighter way. Live your light. Tough times may even inspire us to have a bigger version. Marilyn teaches an idea called dreaming with brackets, to help you create a powerful vision. You typically dream based on your past experiences. Now is the time to take your brackets off and allow your vision to be even bigger and brighter than you could have imagined before. 

To remove the brackets, Marilyn creates something called a vision book, similar to a vision board but a step further. You simply take pictures and create a little book. Every night, she spends five minutes looking through the book, envisioning her life. She lets her imagination go without restriction. She says, “It’s either this or something better for my greatest good coming to me now.”  Opening yourself up to that mantra releases attachment. That releases the brackets and allows the universe to bring you something bigger than you were imagining,  because even though you think you are thinking BIG, you are probably thinking too SMALL.

It can be tough to open yourself up to positive possibilities in times of hurt, or trouble. When Marilyn was taught this phrase, she had a hard time saying it because for her, she didn’t trust God. At that time her life was terrible, but no matter what she kept saying it anyway.  When you really let go and let the universe show up, no matter what you believe in, it is so much greater than you can imagine. Your only job is to allow yourself to continue to dream, to envision bigger. You have to live in the imagination!

People who are in relationships may have a partner who has a hard time envisioning. Your partner is showing you a limitation that exists inside of you, because what stops us from having big dreams is our internal belief system. If we don’t believe what we want, we won’t get what we want. Just keep working on your envisioning. When that limitation shows up, go back to where you first experienced that limiting belief?  Then we can get to the healing. Think about it this way: This person is limiting me, but I won’t allow limitations anymore. I can’t change them, but I can work on changing myself. Give them the dignity of their own experience, but don’t give them so much power so that what they believe can affect you. Walk your own path of truth.

If you feel a point of resistance come up in your business or your life, you have to determine if this is coming from a place of fear or a place of truth. Is it because you are afraid of what you can achieve, or is it simply because a different option feels good to you? Pausing is a key thing to do when asked an important question. Take a few moments to ask yourself what is really happening here. Take a Pause. Pause when something is triggering to you and think on this quote, “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” because it will allow you to get to the heart of the matter right away. 

A personal example for me: Sunday nights used to be my power time because I love Monday mornings. But Sunday night has become a really anxiety-inducing time for me during this pandemic. Marilyn pointed out that the universe is slowing down for me for a reason. You can’t take care of the world overnight. The work I’m doing will have a domino effect, and my work will spread through the community I’m building. This time is slowing all of our universes down. It is allowing us all to pause and rethink. People are recognizing when their life is paused, they don’t want to go back to how their life was previously. This is the perfect opportunity for us to let go of the habits we didn’t like, and shift everything that needs to be shifted. Imagine the magic we all are all capable of creating if we can stay conscious of it right now. 



A: Alignment, Remembering Who We Are

Review your day yesterday in your mind. Rate the events of the day 1-10, 1 being the least fun and 10 the most fun. Think of three things that you rate at least a 7 on your list. Now think of a thing that has been a 5 or below. 

If you play more in your life and your business, you will vibrate at a higher frequency, allowing you to be more creative. For example, I constantly am answering questions that my community manager is supposed to be handling because I beat her to it. I need to stop doing that. If my life was all play, it would be the best, and I would be at my most successful. So the goal is to find the 7-10s, and add more of those every day, then figure out how to delegate anything that is a 5 or below, then track if I am adding too much to my plate that feels unrealistic or untrue. 

Of course, there are certain things you have to do no matter what. Scooping cat litter, cleaning the house, cooking. You have to do those things. But focusing on adding your 7-10s primarily, your life will change the way you look at everything. You can run a 7-10 business, and most importantly you can live a 7-10 life. Alignment is remembering who you actually are and creating a business from that place, not who your parents or teachers told you that you wanted to be.



S: Soul Ignition

Soul Ignition is the place where we make sure those 7-10s are in your day.

Now that you have your 7-10’s and 5 and unders listed/thought of, you can move to your Soul list. Think of three things you would absolutely love to do, but you are not doing right now, for whatever reason. GO. 


  • Want to hug someone? You obviously can’t do that right now. But, instead of focusing on what you CAN’T do, focus on what you CAN do. What you can do is; virtual conversations, the phone calls, texts, hand written cards- Snail mail is making a come back during this Pandemic. You can also energetically help, by envisioning hugging someone. Looking at it this way is allowing you to be part of a solution instead of part of a problem. 
  • You can’t travel with your friends right now, but you can put together a Pinterest board to plan that trip in the future. And right now, you have an opportunity to speak and teach to people all over the world who wouldn’t usually be able to afford to see you. Figure out how to virtually speak on other people’s platforms.
  • If you actually fall ill with coronavirus or something else, it’s about slowing down, taking care of yourself, and giving yourself the opportunity to rest. Physical ailments are the universe telling yourself to slow down and do what you need to do to make yourself feel better. Don’t feel like you aren’t doing enough. Marilyn does not like getting sick, but she remembers that she doesn’t need to be out changing the world in those moments.  

The Souls’ List came from Marilyn’s guides telling her that she needed to write down a list of things she was not doing, that she was denying her soul from doing. Within six months, her entire life was now her soul’s list. It can totally shift how you focus your career and your life. These magic moments will open up for you. It also gives you something to talk about, which in turn makes you more appealing and human in your business.  Authenticity is important. 

A lot of us live in scarcity mindsets. When we come into these tricks that Marilyn is teaching, it puts you into solution thinking. Anything is possible, even if you can’t see the way at the moment. Your experiences can be a teaching moment. Every single person wants to teach what they have learned themselves, and everyone has something amazing to teach. When you are in between decisions, you just have to make a decision. It’s never the wrong decision. Even if you discover the decision you made was not right for you, it was still the right thing to do so you can figure that out. You now know where to go from there, you now know what to do. 



S: Synchronicity 

You have subconscious thinking, so you are consciously aware of what is bothering you. When you are in alignment, you are remembering who you are. Then you are igniting your soul by doing the things that you love. The universe now knows what to bring to you. The universe is bringing us things all the time. When you are in scarcity mindset, you are only focusing on the small stuff, not the opportunities. But you are able to meet larger opportunities when you recognize those limited beliefs and deal with them, and are in alignment with your truth. The universe will continue to bring you those opportunities as a result. 

For your business, if you put out a low-ticket offer and no one bought it, that is a character-building moment. Did you build that low-ticket item because you believed in it? Or did someone else recommend that you do it? It’s usually because you don’t believe that people will invest in a higher-ticket offer. You are creating something out of alignment that comes from false beliefs. But if you actually sit with it, that low-ticket item could be an incredible opt-in to talk about that higher-ticket item. 

There is so much amazingness for you to grasp! Don’t keep thinking small, you have got to think big, like the size of the universe, because no matter what your beliefs, the universe is waiting for you to create a powerful vision and open yourself up to the wonders it has waiting for you! Are you ready to move forward? Check out Marilyn’s Soul Finder Academy and once you are ready to teach your gift, find out how here!

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