Content is King! So they say… but if your content isn't actually brining in results, what's the point of creating it!? So how do you create content that converts? When you create content that is set up to lead to a conversion, it can bring in power partners, people who will refer you. It could bring in people who will celebrate you on their podcasts or blog posts or get you more visibility, which may lead to speaking opportunities, the possibilities are ENDLESS!

When people actually engage with your content, you start to learn more about them and what they need and newsflash….Mind blown… it can actually lead to sales! Creating this type of content is the way that people can find,  so they can actually throw credit cards at your face. With these 5 steps you can begin to create content that converts


You have to know who you are, and not only who you are but who you want the world to know you as. You have to  decide who you want to be known as and then become that person. That's where I talk about unlocking your inner awesome and elevating it right. This is super important! to create content that converts – the ultimate goal! If you aren't clear, they won't be clear.


Before creating any type of content, for any medium, it’s important to know your target audience. So, know your client. Know the actual human being. The best way to do this is to use this amazing thing we have called the Solutions Matrix. Find it here: www.mollstarts.tips/solution
You have to figure out:
-What problems do they have right now?
-What are they experiencing?
-Can you solve those problems with a product? If not, can you create content that solves it so that they know you trust you as the authority that you are?
You’ll find that content which is centered on directly addressing the problems of your target audience is typically content that converts.


You can't just expect people to show up for you, if you're not showing up consistently. If your social pages are ghost towns, your lead inbox will be as well! So, if you want social media content that converts so the leads keep coming in, you have to be putting out news in your content space to let them know that you are actually there. Let them know when to expect it and be there!


A tree of beliefs is an awesome thing that people climb up. With each “belief system” they get closer to a branch of your product. They need to believe in 3 things: you, themselves and the system.
Example:  We have our program GLAM on a branch.
YOU: In order to have people join GLAM there are certain things that people need to believe in order to make the choice to join. People need to know about me, about my team, about us as a company,  in order to say, “yes” to joining us. They need to trust we are experts in what we are talking about and that we are the real deal.
THEM: It's not only about YOU, They also have to know things about THEMSELVES. Can they actually see that this could work for them? Do they believe they will actually show up and do the work?
THE SYSTEM: They have to believe in the system, about the stuff that you're using. If someone doesn't believe that social media is going to get them sales, and your entire program is based on selling on social media, you have got to get them to believe in the power of social media – it's not just about posting informational content, but also about the positive beliefs and confidence it can instill in your audience.
You teach them these beliefs through your content.


You have to know what people's objections are going to be. You have to know the objections, so that you can teach them that the objection is actually wrong. For us, people will think, “nobody's showing up on my videos, so this will never work for me.” But, I have videos that have had zero people show up live, that have turned into loads of sales. We actually have one video that had seven people live at peak viewership, and one video that brought in $90,000 in sales. I have a whole case study where I can walk people through to squish that objection.
So, how to create content that converts? It’s quite simple really: Once you have all five of these things in place, then you can start creating content that converts, and start showing up. Go live, create that blog post, book that guest spot on a podcast! Stay in Action!

What is Content in Marketing?

Content is key to marketing in the digital age primarily driven by social media and information. Creating, publishing, and distributing content is a great way to market your brand, products, and services to a large audience. In comparison to other marketing channels that cost an exorbitant amount, social media and websites for posting content cost less and have longer opportunities for branding. It makes content marketing extremely cost-efficient and effective as it provides a higher outreach.

Content and marketing are almost inseparable today, at least in the virtual space. And so are content marketing and sales. Content can drive new traffic, convert leads into sales, and retain existing customers. However, to deploy strategic content marketing that converts, it is essential to cater to the needs of your potential customer base, as previously explained.

Content is king – let’s treat it as one so it can generate the results we expect!

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