Want to know How to Create Folders and Tags in Facebook Messenger to improve your business?  Keep reading!

If you are using Facebook to make connections, you have most likely dropped the ball one time or another. I remember one time… we SUPER DUPER messed up because I forgot to follow up with someone who I would LOVE to work with. When I remembered, he said… “You have proven to me that you couldn't handle me as a client. I was ready to pay you, and now… I've moved on.” Gahhhhh!

I. Was. So. Sad.

But, now… I'M HAPPY! Because I learned about a new way to organize your Fb Messenger Inbox and it is BLOWING MY MIND!

It's with an amazing tool that allows us to do this.

This is just like a basic CRM inside Messenger. And you can just tag all the conversations that you need. Also the tags are not just limited, you can change your tags as for what you need. You can rename it, you have your own tag for your friends, own tag for family, own tag for students and business relationships, and then it just pulls all of those chats under one section. And then by a click of a button you can directly go back to that chat and continue your conversation. Apart from that you can also set up follow up reminders on Google Calendar so that you remember when to follow up with that person.

The tool also stores notes and pre-saved messages, so if you send out a particular template to anyone that's your friend for the first time, like initiating a conversation or something like that, you can have that stored instead of typing it out every time, or copy pasting it from somewhere else.

What I love about that part is that you can actually store several different templates of that message, so you don't get flagged within Facebook as being some sort of robot or spam. This is one of the biggest concerns that I had when Andrew first started talking about this. Additionally, it's not just something that goes and blasts everybody like a Messenger bot would do on your business page. It is something that you're just clicking, to speed up and streamline the process.

1. Organic Retargeting

We use a system called Organic Retargeting where instead of retargeting people with a Facebook ad, you're actually retargeting them by following up as a human being and building those deeper relationships.

2. Ladder Posts

One of the really great ways to use this system is by creating a ladder post. Andrew shared with me that he had done a ladder post and he had at least 50 people to follow up with. When you have 50 people to follow up with as a human, that is a lot! He was just losing my mind. I was spending two, three hours just sending messages, trying to find out what he spoke to them about and then sending them messages.

3. Intentional Relationships

Really that's what this is about, and this just speeds up the process! It's like a messenger bot for your brain!

4. When You Have a Problem… Hire Someone to Build A Solution For You!

After struggling to keep up, he then contracted a team of developers to build this tool so that we all could have this solution.

It's time for you to Create Folders and Tags in Facebook Messenger to improve your business! Want to grab this tool right now? Go to http://www.ThePreparedPerformer.com/msgmagic.

This will basically streamline everything for you by creating folders and tags in Facebook Messenger. When you join the Facebook group you will see a lot of other people using it and how it has helped them as well. You will also get access to training videos, so you don't need to break your head on how to set it up yourself, just log into the members area.

So good! Want to watch the live interview that I did with Andrew? Here it is!

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