How to Feel Confident on Camera… Even if it makes you want to throw up ;)

It still surprises me when I learn how many people are not leveraging the power of Live Video. And, more often than not, it is because they are afraid. The fear of what people might think, of what might happen while broadcasting a live video is palpable. And… so common.

Recently, I was chatting with my dear friend, live video expert Ian Anderson Gray, and I learned that he is more of an introvert than an extrovert. Which many people are surprised to learn because of his amazing commitment to live video.

One thing that I hear from a lot of our students is… “Oh! But Molly! You are such an extrovert this must be easy for you!”

So, yeah – I get that there are some aspect of this craziess that might be a little easier for me because of my theater background and general extrovertedness… but, for the most part I've had to push through LOADS of fear to get to the comfort level I'm currently at.

This is something I love talking about with Ian because he is soooo real in his approach to moving through the fear and sharing a message with those that need it.

Whether you are looking to summon the courage to go live for the first time, or step into a bigger more expanded level of visibility, I hope you'll join us as we share 5 Ways to Be Confident on Camera… even if the thought of going live makes you want to throw up. 😉

Are you up for joining us??

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  1. #nugget go live with a few people

  2. Paula Vaughn says:

    #nugget Facebook setting in “only me”

  3. Can you change the privacy setting after video is finished?

  4. Amanda Ruiz says:

    #nugget go live to self first and give 3 positive and 3 tips

  5. Amanda Ruiz says:

    #nugget vocal exercises

  6. Stacy Fox says:

    #nugget find support…bring people on the live with you…stretch!

  7. Amanda Ruiz says:

    #nugget you are an instrument and you need to warm up

  8. #nugget one-minute voice warmup

  9. #nugget 1 minute voice warmups

  10. Amanda Ruiz says:

    #nugget one minute warm ups

  11. Kenna Fowler says:

    #nugget vocal coloring box!

  12. #nugget create tactic

  13. Amanda Ruiz says:

    #nugget objective. Use different tactics (kiss or kick)

  14. Amanda Ruiz says:

    #nugget beat (aahh, I love all of this)

  15. U rock. I may have found my coach!!♥️♥️♥️

  16. U rock. I may have found my coach!!

  17. Joey Vitale says:

    lol it’s hard to take Molly seriously in her serious voice with hearts coming out of her head.

  18. Karin Olson says:

    #nugget cricketotopia

  19. #takeaway pause when you think you are going to say UM…

  20. April Meese says:

    Hi Molly Mahoney 😘

  21. Joey Vitale says:

    Aw, it was so fun. I’m LOVING this conversation!! And haha yes this a great tactic.

  22. Joey Vitale says:

    Ian PS I knew you could sing but I had no idea could SAANG — such an awesome job at SMMW!

  23. Stacy Fox says:

    #nugget breath focus & have fun!

  24. Amanda Ruiz says:

    #nugget speedy recap for repurposing

  25. Stacy Fox says:

    #nugget recap to repurpose

  26. Stacy Fox says:

    Omg! Thank you for the great info and free gifts!

  27. Jill Samter says:

    Do you recommend going LIVE on biz page only or personal profile? And how often on both?

  28. Jill Samter says:

    OK will use Manychats to grow audience too. Thanks Molly and Ian

  29. Lisa Stewart says:

    I was a performer too and I believe that nervous energy is just exhilaration.

  30. Lisa Stewart says:

    Follow your own muse!

  31. Lisa Stewart says:

    Instead of comparing myself to others, I will ‘channel’ others to help me spine up and support my empathetic efforts.

  32. The fear, the gear and what they’ll hear.

  33. To change your year!!!

  34. Dee Reller says:

    Ian – you said you wanted a word for content and marketing that rhymes with fear and gear. What about using:


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