Everyone want know how to find qualified leads on social media! We talk so much about the importance building relationships. Where do you find those people to talk to? Here are 5 Ways to Find Qualified Leads!

The one question that I get more than any other is… “Where do I find more LEADS! I have an awesome product/service and I just need to find the right people to talk to!”

And… it’s my FAVORITE discussion to have because they are literally EVERYWHERE!

Often times, you just need help seeing them!

You might actually lose your mind when you attend this training! Hahaha!

5 Ways to Find Qualified Leads


If you are actually using a FB Business page and posting content that are actually solving problems for your ideal clients, your Likes and Followers are the first place you should look. Have you ever taken the time to stop and look at who really “like” your business page. It’s not just a number, it’s actually real, humans that are following you and your content. If people are “liking” or commenting on posts that have content that speak to your ideal client’s problem, then all these are qualified leads!

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to connect! Now, this is not the place to share your website or sell products or services. We don’t want to be a Sales Weirdo. But spend time in these groups and genuinely connect. First, go to the members in a Facebook group and look at the members list. Filter the members out to filter people who are already your friends on Facebook. Now, create a Friends List on your personal FB page and tag them with people that are in this group. It’s a great way to connect over commonalities that you have, and they may be your ideal client.

Another thing that I love to do is to ask a question in a Facebook group that people can self-identify with. When they comment or interact with your question, especially when it has something to do with a problem you solve, you have now found a qualified lead!

Comments on Posts

Now, this doesn’t just include people that comment on your posts. Mind blown! This can also include people that leave comments in other Facebook groups. I recently hired someone who commented on a question that I posted in another Facebook group about creating custom Giphys! She saw that I was asking about them and reached out to me to give me some tips and I decided to hire her!

And, it doesn’t have to be on a Facebook post either! Don’t forget about blogs, Facebook Ad posts, Instagram, etc.

Your LIST – Get a free gift!

Are you building a list? Have you offered a free lead magnet that spoke to a problem that you can solve for an ideal client? This list is a wealth of leads! Deliver this email through a messenger bot or ask people to leave a comment to get a free gift emailed to them. Build, build, build your list!

Retargeting Ads

If you have a live or prerecorded video on your Facebook Business Page and you notice that it is getting a lot of people watching a good percentage of your video, you can actually run a Facebook Ad that will retarget those people! In the Facebook Ad, you can run a post that asks them to comment on something and this will help you start to identify who exactly watched your entire video. They watch a good part of your video, they like your content so…they must be qualified leads, right?

So good! Don’t miss out on all of the amazing leads that you have sitting right in front of you!

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