Feel like you are on the hamster wheel? Like, working hard, doing #allthethings, and not seeing the growth you’d like?

Is it time to scale and automate?

Do you wish you could just plug in some automation and scale so that you can finally let your biz work for you?

This is a tricky balance… it’s amazing what you can do without automation… and sometimes business owners jump into the magic too soon.

I’ll be back this week with a checklist that will allow you to see if you are ready to scale and automate your business. Plus it will show you exactly where the holes are in your business!



How to know if you’re ready to scale and grow your business.

I want to clarify that I love automation messenger bots are one of my favorite tools, Facebook ads, something that has really helped us to grow our business. But we had to make sure that we had one thing in place first. So I’m going to give you this this system that you want to make sure that you have in place and how to actually go through and look at your business, I can see if you’re really ready to scale and grow using messenger bots, or Facebook ads. And I also have a really cool checklist for you to be able to go through.

Alright, so here’s the three things that you have to have in place. And then there are transitions between each of these steps that you want to look at, and see where the holes are in your business.

Because your business is most likely a really like a big goal bucket. And if you start pouring leads, pouring dollars into your business to increase your visibility, your marketing, the things I love, if you start pouring that in, and you realize it’s not working, it could be that you have some holes in your bucket.

So here’s how to find the holes, you want to create what we call a show stopping business plan.

There are three parts to it. And if you go through, and you look at your business to see if you have these three things there, you want to see where where you’re losing where you’re losing results by going through and reviewing this, like I said, the checklist is down below will have a write up on how to use it.

But I’m just going to give you the three main things to look at right now.

Billboard (A way for people to find you.)

Number one, you want to make sure you have what we call billboards. This is how people actually find you and your business. So it’s something like a facebook live like a YouTube video, like a video on LinkedIn, right?

It’s something that or a blog post and email something that lets people know, hey, we have value to provide, we understand you, we, we, we can solve your problems. And here’s how. But they have to be able to find you. Right?

So we call those billboards.

How are people finding you?

Are you showing up consistently so that people can actually find you and fall in love with what you have to offer?

And then from there, those billboards should actually be bringing in leads. Like you should be able to collect information and follow up.

Are they bringing in leads?

If not, you want to see what’s wrong.

Maybe you need to adjust that Billboard.

Or maybe you just need to do the videos/blog posts  consistently.

Are you doing them consistently?

If no one’s coming into your business as a lead through your billboards, maybe you want to craft WHY they’re not coming in, right?

Go in there and see like, ooh, where where am I missing something here?  Because if you start putting Facebook ads to those billboards and your people weren’t converting in the first place, you don’t want to spend money on those ads!

You want to make sure the billboards are working before you hang them all over town in place first.

Alright, number two… your BOX OFFICE!

Are you making offers?

Are people actually able to pay you money?

You want to track this stuff too? Right?

This “money stuff” I mean… this is a BUSINESS!

Are you actually making offers?

Are you giving people a way to be able to pay you and do you have a payment processor put in place?

That’s easy, right?

You have space in your calendar set aside for maybe a sales call for maybe a webinar for maybe a masterclass or maybe a live sale something where you’re actually saying hey, I have something awesome to offer.

And this is how you pay for it.

In our GLAM VIP coaching program, we’re tracking all of these things. We’re tracking how many billboards you’re putting out, we’re tracking how many leads are coming in, we’re tracking how many offers you’re making.

And it’s funny, a lot of us hold back on making offers.

So know this… if you’re not making offers, you’re not ready to scale.

You have to know are those offers converting. But in order to know whether or not the offers are converting, you have to actually make the offers in the first place. Right?

Okay, so you’ve got billboards, you have your box office, that’s where you make the offers. That’s where you give people a chance to throw a credit card at your face.

And then the third piece of your Show Stopping Business Plan, that you will want to check on to see if you are ready to scale and automate is…

You have to actually DELIVER YOUR CONTENT So we call this your “show”

If you didn’t pick up on it, I was a musical theater performer for years and years… so I’m going with a theme here. Haha.

If you bought a ticket to a show, and then the show didn’t happen, you’d be annoyed you’d be mad!

Dude, for example! I bought a ticket recently to something where they change the date and then change who was actually speaking at the event and I was totally You’re too because I paid a lot of money for a VIP ticket and the person who was supposed to be at the VIP event wasn’t actually going to be there! I was like hoodwinked!!

So, check it, are you delivering what you say you’re going to deliver.

Maybe you’ve had people come through your billboards, go through your box office, and then they don’t really show up when it comes time to use the thing they purchased, or they don’t come back for more.

It could be that your delivery is lacking.

The good news is… one little tweak can change all of this! AND, now that you know what to look at, what to look for, you are set!!

You get those things in place, and you’ll be ready to automate and scale!!

All right. If you want access to the checklist… so you can see how your business is doing… TADA! I made it into an infographic for you!

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