If you follow me on Facebook, you may have heard about the insanity that went on while I took my kids to the movies yesterday.

I’m still a bit shaken up.

Basically, there was a fist fight a few feet from us and I went all mama bear and hollered in my powerful vocal coach voice “Hey! Stop! Be Nice!” Ha!

They stopped.   I cried. And had a long talk with my kiddos about kindness.

This whole ordeal obviously has me thinking… and it has provided major inspiration for today’s Motivation Monday.

So, I want to know.

Do you ever feel like you know there is something greater you could be doing in your life?

Do you get a little ping that says… Hmmmmm… What if? But how? Awwww that’s just silly, forget it, moving on.

If you even come close to feeling this way, today’s Motivation Monday Video is for you.

I give you really specific actionable advice. AND a way to be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card! What!? 


Here’s to all the mama bears out there! We’ve got to stand up for what we believe. Once you can get in touch with that.

You can move mountains!

Molly Mahoney Shimmer and Shine



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PPS – If you missed the story on Facebook… here it is. Ahhh!

Motivation Mama

(Woah) We had a little dance party before heading to a movie tonight at the Irvine Spectrum. Little did I know I’d be finding a new use for my vocal power tonight.

While we were ordering drinks, two 20 something guys started fighting right by us. Like… one punched the other one.
I Flipped out.
Total crazy mama bear.

There is nothing more important to me in this world than kindness, and I clearly have no filter when it comes to standing up for kindness. ‪#‎oops‬

I pulled out an insane low hardcore voice and shouted, “Hey! Stop! Be nice!” (I now have new inspiration for my belt warm up.) They kept up and I said… “Hey! There is too much craziness in this world right now and there are children here! BE! NICE!” They stopped… I started crying as they were escorted out. Thank goodness for Jd who had pulled the boys aside.
I might have traumatized Frank,but we had an awesome convo about kindness.

I could have been hurt, so I probably need to work on my filter… But SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!
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