It is time to prevent stress, overwhelm and burnout as your business grows!

If there is one thing that I have learned building our business to over half a million dollars last year, it is that when you are building, accelerating your business especially at a rapid pace, you can get stressed and overwhelmed and after having two, maybe three little breakdowns internally. Business-wise, I have learned so much about how to prevent stress and overwhelm and how when you put this stuff into place it actually helps you to build your business at a more accelerated pace. It may seem like it's the other way around but I'm going to show you that is the case! Get ready to prevent stress, overwhelm and burnout as your business grows!

Let me tell you, I've learned… from way too much experience… it's easy to get BURNED OUT.

And, there are really powerful ways to prevent business burnout and overwhelm!

So… let's dive in!

Identify the Glass Balls

You have to know how many balls you're juggling. There's probably three types of balls. There are glass balls, which are the ones that when they drop they break. Then, there are rubber balls, when they drop they bounce. Lastly, there are marbles and when they drop they are real loud, they're annoying, they roll underneath the bed, you step on them when you're barefoot and we got to figure out how to get those marbles to move aside.

The most important balls in your life are the glass balls and you have to figure out what that is. Is that you? Maybe it's your connection to source? Your kids? Family? Perhaps your dog? What are your glass balls and how are you prioritizing them? You've got to figure out which are the glass balls, which are the rubber and which are the marbles that you need to just push aside.

Get Very Clear about Your Values

The clearer you are about your values, the more quickly you'll recover from things that stress and overwhelm you. Then,  the more quickly you'll realize you need to say focused on those values and what matters. Get those values, be very clear about them! How? Publicize them, put them in your Facebook groups, share them on your YouTube channel, put them in your LinkedIn bio and talk about them in your videos!

Claim Your Big Rocks (and put them in the calendar)

First, claim your big rocks. For us it's standing for joy as a fierce form of activism. It is that kindness is the #1 most important thing in our communities, our families and our lives and we celebrate a little bit of hustle, which is perfect for today. We do this because we don't want you to work so hard that you end up burning out. Work hard but also recognize that your life is most important. Next, get out your calendar and what you want to do is you want to put the big rocks, the things that are really important, that you can't shove in later, the things that are really important, you want to have those in your calendar first.

Set CLEAR Boundaries and Maintain Them

Have a, not a canned response, but have a memorized response that you're going to give to people when they ask you a question that is usually hard for you to say no to. For me, when people ask if we can give them a call, all of this stuff starts coming up from me so I say, “Sure, let's look into the calendar three weeks from now.” I also say, “Email my team about it and they'll see what we can do.” I have the amazing, glorious, wonderful Elizabeth that is there responding to emails. We recently talked about this this week because I still have the habit of adding calls in when I'm not supposed to.

Check in on your Quality of Life Remaining

If you are putting all of your energy and your life into your business and you're not focusing on your family, on your health, on yourself, health and self, what those rhyme? What quality of life left do you have? You have to fill up your cup first and give from the saucer. You want to be so full of life and goodness that it's easy for you to give. If you are giving so much that you don't have anything left for yourself your business isn't going to succeed because you're not going to be able to succeed as a human. Ask yourself, what quality of life left remaining do you have?

Get Support

It just may be time to get support, whether that's in the form of a coach, an accountability partner, of some sort of system or program or team, right? Get support! You don't do this on your own. Know that there are people out there to support you. We love our program and classes that we have! Courses like we our VIP Acceleration Group Coaching program, our Camera Confidence program, our MollStars, these are all things that we offer support so that you can accelerate your business but really underneath it all it's your life that matters. Are you getting support for your life as well?

Know This is Something You Practice

This is not something you're going to perfectly do right away, so love yourself through it. And, don't give up. It may take awhile before you actually get it right. 

Keep a Joy Journal

Start to keep a joy journal! Keep a journal of the things that bring you joy and I'm going to give you my word for the year, which is JOMO. For me, one of the reasons that I would get so stressed out or overwhelmed is because of FOMO, the fear of missing out.

Celebrate #jomo

If you're someone who is saying yes out of fear, say “no.” Wherever you're having that fear come up, push through it, do the opposite of what's holding you back. Celebrate the fact that you are missing out and instead, focusing on you and your personal life. Stop fearing what isn't and have joy in what is there instead.

I hope this helps you to see how you can start to prevent overwhelm and stress and put your life first, because without you in your business, your business doesn't grow, it just doesn't. You are the most important thing!

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