How to Screenshare on Facebook Live

New Live Streaming Feature from! And how to add “reviews” to your business page, one of my fave biz page super tricks! Warning, this might blow your mind. Share if you found this valuable!

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  1. OMG screen share is the best!!!!!!

  2. Linda King says:

    Oh goody another video to watch

  3. Just joined, screenshare?! LOVE IT!!!

  4. omg I love this soooo much!!

  5. LOL I know the feeling!

  6. Leah Finlay says:

    I’m so pumped about screen share on !!

  7. hey there! what great nugget are you showing us now? I can’t keep up!!

  8. if you want to link your Page to your Group(s) you need to use the Business Page option (it won’t work with services πŸ™ )

  9. Jen Hammel says:

    Does using hurt your Facebook algorithm?

  10. pet blogging, so niche! haha

  11. can you post pictures of doggies??!!!!

  12. Linda King says:

    She’s πŸ€₯

  13. I was playing with those settings this weekend! Some tabs only show on desktop Facebook not on mobile

  14. Yes, I would have been but I have the Mastermind Retreat in Victoria, BC right now!!! darn it

  15. With the different Fb Page options, eg Business, Services etc (the type of business). The option to link groups to pages only works when you choose the business option.

  16. Yes! I wanna know how to link my pages!! Yes yes yes!!

  17. dang it I was going to go to bed….now I need to renovate my page!

  18. what’s the link of the group? I only see their page

  19. yes!! pppsssst I have a freebie about this πŸ˜‰

  20. oooh sorry you have something too, didn’t want to ‘steal’ your people!

  21. is the facebook group really small? Like 77 members? I think I may have the wrong one πŸ™

  22. Carol Dockum says:

    CraZy is good! Bootcamp! XO

  23. Leah Finlay says:

    When you link biz and group do you only need to post once?

  24. Jen Hammel says:

    Does work well with Facebook algorithms?

  25. Leah Finlay says:

    Does the biz post show up in group automatically?

  26. You are always so helpful and giving to your community!

  27. Get some sleep Molly and don’t step on any tails.

  28. Emily Poulou says:

    Hi Molly Mahoney!!!

  29. OK – how funny is it that I was in bed with all of this makeup on. BAHAHAHA! I collapsed after a long flight. I’m going to wash my face. Ha!

  30. How do we know if we have the capability to screen share?

  31. Woohoo! That’s the feature I’ve been waiting for!!! Yay!

  32. And it’s fab that you can be seen WITH the screen share.

  33. Julie Marie says:

    I’m so excited Molly Mahoney! ok i wanna do it and rhe lula one. can you help me find them? Im traveling and on my phone so i couldnt find them ❀️😘

  34. Julie Marie says:

    I’m so excited Molly Mahoney! ok i wanna do it and rhe lula one. can you help me find them? Im traveling and on my phone so i couldnt find them

  35. Martin Lopez says:

    Love your livesπŸ‘πŸΎ

  36. Attempting to choose a new template for my business page….>?

  37. Love the new fb cover on your biz page

  38. I was literally just going to ask you about this and how to set up my biz page in the best way

  39. Oh Molly, I was playing one day and did all this moving stuff around, then later I couldn’t remember how I did it all. So glad you did this video for us. Yay!

  40. How do you disable the review tab? Does anyone know? Please

  41. Bootcamp as 1 Word everyone

  42. Please does anyone know how to remove the review option?

  43. Cindy says:


    can I stream 2 camera’s?

  44. The review tab is not there as an option for me? What template do I use for this ?

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