How to Sell Online Without Being a Salesy Weirdo!

How to Sell Online Without Being a Salesy Weirdo! Man oh Man! You know what I’m talking about, right?? Spammy Mc Spamerson ruins it for all of us! Are you suffering from PTSWD? Post Traumatic Salesy Weirdo Stress Disorder? Ooor… maybe you have a tinge of the salesy weirdo yourself?

I’ve been there! I get it! I send this message from a place of love. There is a better way.

In this video I share 9 WAYS to recover from the Salesy Weirdo Syndrome. So that you can have better relationships with your family members, your friends, your audience, your JV partners, and your clients. For reals.

Major shout outs to the following peeps. Reach out to them if you need their services. They are all AMAZING at what they do. BeLive.tv Jennifer Diepstraten Adam Urbanski Nicole Holland JuliAnn Stitick Dana Corey Nancy Juetten Lisa Rothstein Ashley Ryan Luz Sellers Kelly Lucente Jonathan Christian Sandra Yancey, Debbie Page and more…

People I meant to mention but FORGOT (I will be shouting them out in the show notes on my blog. These peeps are amazing at selling and offering an insane amount of value!) Megan J Huber, Stacy Hartmann, and Amy Bradbury!

I also share some stealth NON salesy weirdo techniques that have helped me to automate my sales processes using Messenger Automation and Chat Bots. If you want to learn more comment below with the words “Bot Me” or visit www.AutomateMessenger.com