New Years Goals: Now What?

I'm going to show you secrets for staying committed and focused so you can party in December because you've knocked your goals out of the park!

You'll increase your Revenue, Visibility, Systems, and Impact!

You look at your calendar and say Holy smokes. I’m not actually doing the things that I'm supposed to be doing. And I'm not actually hitting my goal. In this video, we are going to talk about how to get things done. For reals though, I'm going to share five unexpected ways for you to be able to achieve your goal. So by the time December comes, you can have a party and be like, Yeah, I did it. Yeah, I watched Molly's video and all the magic happens. All right, so


So if you're not actually going to use your calendar I want you to take that calendar and I want you to throw it away now do I think you'll anything that you throw away your calendar know so let's actually bring the calendar back and they're going to think about ways you can actually enforce you will use it will actually make you lose your calendar so here's two tips will help you to actually use your calendar. When you look at your calendar and you see what is on your calendar. Here's what I wanted to do take that task that you're supposed to be accomplishing. I'm going to take it so loud in my ear. Hold on like crazy. Okay, you're going to take that account.

And you're going to chunk it down into little steps so that you can accomplish the task. Put those steps on, post it notes, stick them on your computer, take them off when you've done them as you complete each thing, take it off. The other thing is set some sort of audible reminder to keep you on track. So you can even set it up set it to go off every minute. If you notice you're getting off track once a minute. Set a timer for every minute to help you to come back on track. It can just be like putting once a minute whoops, I'm finishing this goal whoops, I'm finishing the goal. Don't be mad at yourself. Just come back and focus.


#2.  Use tools to cut it out.

Use tools to cut things out that are distracting you. For me. The Facebook newsfeed is one of them I love Facebook I love checking in with my friends but I do it too often. So I use whoops I forgot to change that use tools to cut things out I use the news feed eradicate or it is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to get rid of your Facebook news feed it is seriously cool and it will help you to streamline the way that you are using Facebook so that you can use it effectively and actually stay focused and get things done. Because that's what this is about.


#3. Find the “Sweet Spot”

When you are using your calendar and you're putting tasks into it, you want to find a sweet spot. So if you are putting things into your calendar for a really long chunk of time, dude know instead of, well H old on, I'm sorry. If you're putting things in for a really long chunk of time and you're getting things done and you're staying focused, awesome. If you're putting something in there for a really long chunk of time. And you notice that you start sabotaging that chunk of time and letting other things take over, then you probably set too much time to do that task,n
right? You've got to find that sweet spot. If it's too short, then you're not going to be able to accomplish it. If it's too long. You're going to let other people start to take it from you. Protect that time. This is your business. This is your mission. This is your goal. You need to get this stuff done to protect it like it's your fortress, right? You are the queen or king of your castle. Protect that time and find the sweet spot. It may take a little bit of tweaking, but find that perfect link for each task. All right. Number four.

#4. Double Double Toil and Trouble 

Double, double toil and trouble if you find yourself doing things more than once, put a system around it right? Get that system into a tool like a sauna, or use a Dropbox account or a Google Drive folder and then use a pretty link. That's what I use my WordPress site where we can create things like when someone asked for information from me about speaking on stage, I send them to prepare performer.com slash speaker kit. Everything that they need for me to be on their podcast to speak on their stage to be on a Facebook live interview. It's all written right there inside my speaker kit in a dropbox folder that I can send them instantly I have it memorized. You can also use a Google Drive for something like this you can use a bitly link if you don't use the plugin on your WordPress site which is called Pretty Link which is what I use there's so many different options for this anytime you notice yourself saying like man, I fill this form out three times or fill out a form with these answers. like five times I keep answering these same things, put it into some sort of document so that you streamline it for yourself and then when you're able

#5 Get Help!

To go to number five, which is get help like building a team, you can actually take that system that process and hand it over to your team member. Another really great tip, which I had not shared earlier, is if there's something that you're doing, and you do it over and over again, like sending an email broadcast, or creating a pre scheduled Facebook Live something that you're doing and you do it every single week, record yourself doing it, send it to have it transcribed, send it to a team member and have them document the sap is the standard operating procedure so that you can repeat it on easily and you don't have to recreate the wheel every single time right and then this getting health thing comes in many forms so it can be my hiring team members. It can be by hiring a coach working with somebody it can be calling your friend and saying Hey, will you be my accountability partner for me, I love masterminding. I love group accountability programs I'm in with myself. I run one it's called the glam go live and monetize the glam program. Those are our glam di keys and we not only are held accountable They not only are held accountable


By having a call with us weekly, monthly, they're also held accountable by a tracking sheet. So everyone's seeing what you're actually doing as a group. And, you know, if I don't actually show up and do this, I'm not only letting myself down, I'm letting letting everybody else down, right? Okay. And then I'm going to go back the very beginning. One thing that I that I missed, which I skipped, which is really the foundational piece for all of this is when you are setting goals like this, you want to make sure before you even jump into trying to get things done. You have a big goal. What's your big scary goal, this can be like a year long goal, it can be a five year goal, you chunk that down into 90 days so that it's more actionable. And then from there, you chunk that down into a week long Sprint's so like a week long adventure is what I call it every week, you're going to have a task that you're going to focus on for that week. Also, before you get started with these tips. You want to make sure that you look at your life not just your business and your actual life and you put the big rocks in. So this is your family time. This is if you have vacations coming up. This is holidays I'm used to forget to put holidays in my calendar all the time. And then I'd work on every holiday because I forgot to book it out right? If you're gonna be out of office if you're going to a conference if you're doing a launch of some sort of promotional stuff, get those big rocks in there first and then go back and learn how to actually use your calendar properly use tools that will cut things out like the newsfeed eradicate or find that sweet spot for the the time that you need to get stuff done that takes testing and tweaking start to set systems around those things that you're doing on repeat the double, double toil and trouble and you don't need to do it alone.


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