I have had tons of emails, and comments, and questions after telling everyone I have gone to Facebook “Jail.”  I’m here to tell you we are building something to turn Facebook jail into a positive, so DO NOT FREAK OUT, it will all be fine. So many of my friends have been restricted or blocked from some aspect of this platform. So… I’m going to call out the Elephant in the room.  Most of my friends have legit done nothing wrong, or if they have done something wrong it was on accident and if they were allowed to be told what they did they would fix it.

Also again just to clarify Facebook is my absolute favorite platform on the planet. I think the biggest problem is that there’s just so many people on Facebook and it’s hard to police so…

1. There are automated systems that are tracking things and sliding them for compliance and…
2. If a competitor or troll wants to mess with you they can report you and no proof is needed.

One of our clients, a dear friend of mine that I’ve known for years, has had almost every post on her personal page about family or friends reported as being against terms of service.  The problem is, there just isn’t enough manpower to actually check and see if these claims are true so they keep deleting her content, and I can’t even tell you how many friends have had their ads accounts shut down.

I shared earlier this month that my ad account was shut down in January. What I haven’t shared is that a few weeks later my entire business manager was shut down including eight ad accounts.  After about a week of appeals my entire business manager was restored, and from everyone I spoke to at FB, there were two explanations. 1. It was an accident  or 2. Someone is reporting me. I know to the core of my being that I’m following the rules to the best of my knowledge. So.. If there is someone reporting me, I’m going to take it as a HUGE compliment, and YOU are actually going to benefit from it, when you see what I have planned.

While I was at the AMAZING 24 hour live stream event this week I told Elliott Pittman that I was afraid to talk about it because I feel like I have a Scarlet Letter. He said, “I bet you every person in this room has had their accounts shutdown at some point. Really it’s more of a badge of honor.”

OK then,  I’m stepping up and putting on my big girl shoes. The Social media examiner put out a really great article right around the time when my first add account to shut down momentarily, and it got me thinking about messenger Bots as well. I am always talking about the fact that we don’t own the platform, you easily could lose access to every single person that is subscribed, if you’re building everything inside a bot and you’re not taking emails and phone numbers out of it Many Chat has some awesome safeguards around that, but I think there is a little more that we should be doing in order to protect ourselves in case something like this happens. There are many things I already have in place, and a few major adjustments I’m going to make going forward.

With all of that said, I’m thinking of doing a big totally free Learn out Loud case study as I build it all out. It’s going to be focus on a few main points.

1. Organic social visibility and conversions.
2. Creating an omni-channel presence.
3. Owning your own content and data.
4. Seeing problems as possibilities.
5. Setting up systems so that all of this can be done somewhat automatically and effortlessly.

I’m very aware of the fact that I could take some of these little bumps in the road and put a totally negative spin on it. That’s obviously not what I’m here for, nor is it going to help any of you. Believe me, my incredible team saw the frustration… But I don’t think I shed one tear. :joy::joy::joy:  I’m so glad we took a few days and kept asking…

How can I turn this into a positive?

And as I’m writing all of this out here. This is a seriously AWESOME PLAN! Total positive! Thank you universe! Thanks hater who reports this without talking to the content creator! Thank you awesome friends who listened to my mini freak outs behind the scenes! I am so grateful.

If you’re with me… if you would like to learn how I truly #stand4joy let me know and I’ll send you info!
It’s going to be GOOD! If you wanna start right now, go and check out my post on organic reach, here.


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