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If you’re using Facebook Live and you’re looking for ways that you can up the engagement, up the results, up the sales, up the amount of followers, up the amount of people who are subscribing to your magic. Holy smokes. I am about to blow your mind. In this video, I am going to share with you ways that you can use commands in your Facebook Live videos without any other software. It’s almost like a messenger bot, but it’s super special and even more… I’m going to say even more cool.

So sit tight, my name is Molly Mahoney. We are about to dive right in.



That’s right. You can add commands to your live videos. So here’s what you have to do. I think, because it’s brand new to me anyway, I think you have to say that you are now a gaming video creator.

So I’m starting to play games with my son on my Facebook business page so that I can qualify with this. We’re playing Tetris, Pong, really fun old school games with my kiddos.

Maybe even with myself doing some Q and A’s while playing these games so that I qualify.

When I went into the about section on my Facebook page, I went into the the category and then I added video gaming creator.

I then live streamed and selected a video game to stream.

As soon as I did this, all of this magic was unlocked.

And what happens is, check this out. When people comment with this command, which means they use an exclamation point and then the word notify, the command is that exclamation point.

Facebook totally stole this from Twitch, so that’s kind of shady, but whatever. It’s really cool. So, “!notify” allows people to follow your page. “!clip” on some videos, allows people to chop out 60 seconds, the past 60 seconds from when they said clip, the past 60 seconds will turn into a separate little small video that they can share. Crazy awesome. The command, “!roll,” and then either D four, D eight, D 12, or D 20 will allow them to roll a dice with that many sides and it will give them a number of what their dice landed on. There’s other things like command stickers and then you’ll see the option for all of these stickers that you can then add into the comments. Now we’ve only played with this a little bit over on our Facebook page, Molly Mahoney, the Prepared Performer, but it was so cool to see what’s possible and I think Facebook is probably going to be adding even more commands into the stream, into the comment section, so we can make even more magic happen.


Updates from ManyChat that will Increase Your Messenger Bot Conversions FOREVER! 

Oh my gosh, this is just the beginning. There’s so many cool changes that are happening in the world of Facebook Live and the world of messenger bots,

At the Conversations Conference the following updates were announced.

? ActiveCampaign integration
? All posts comment growth tool
? Date and number formatting
? Send flow from live chat
? Live chat mobile app (iOS first)
? Google Sheets update row
? PayPal integration
? Current time
? Condition step improvements
? Delete flows inside folder
? Flow builder new design (Oct)
? Faster flow builder
? Easy sponsored messages
? Message window filter
? Dependency check (before deleting)
? New dashboard design
? Shopify abandon cart

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