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So – I've clearly been living under a ROCK for the past 2 days to have just heard about Idina's NYE performance.  Some of you may remember the post I wrote after her Oscar performance which also caused a bit of a stir. In that post I spoke about how important it is to take care of our health and how we need to be able to recognize the fact that we are all human and not always going to have a perfect performance. This post will be a little different…


As you can hear in the clip above – her last note was NOT OK. I get it, it's cold out, she is working her butt off in a B-way show and it's a crazy note to sing. (I'd much rather belt that note than an A smack in the middle of my range any day, but I'm a weirdo). HOWEVER, I have honestly never heard her hit it live. Never. Someone please prove me wrong in the comments below. As a professional performer it is her DUTY to TAKE CARE OF HER INSTRUMENT. The note not only sounds bad, it does not sound safe! I firmly believe that she has enough clout as a performer to ask them to LOWER THE KEY. Most people would not have even noticed!

It makes me CRAZY to think that so many young performers are listening to that performance and trying to hit that note in a manner than will actually hurt them! Um, NODES ANYONE?? I'd rather have her justify lowering the key then justify never hitting that note.



This honestly infuriates me. In response to a few people who made some not nice comments about her performance Idina Menzel shared this photo.

Idina Menzel 75 Percent


Yes, I would much rather see a performer who is connecting and living in the moment. Every. Time. However, “IF I'M HITTING 75% OF THEM (the notes) I'M SUCCEEDING!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? With it being a new year and all, I've been reading a lot about goals and I just finished and article about… wait… I can't focus HER GOAL IS TO HIT 75% OF THE NOTES!!?? I'm done. I can't. WHAAAAAATTTT!!??? “THAT IS HOW I TRY TO APPROACH LIFE.” WHHAAAAATTTTT??!!!

I am making a vow right now. MY STUDENTS WILL NOT AIM FOR 75%! YOU ALL ARE AIMING FOR AT LEAST 100%! OK!? WE ARE AIMING FOR 110%. If we have a 50% performance? We'll learn from it because “It's not how you fall, it's how you get up!” But, we are NOT AIMING FOR 75%! EVER!

Ok : ) And, now, I will go back to my normal shimmery shiny self!  Here's the really great article I read today about setting giant amazing goals.   READ THIS AND SET AWESOME GOALS.


Molly Mahoney Shimmer and Shine