Ever Get Imposter Syndrome?

Jump into a convo with Ian Anderson Gray before he speaks At Social Media Marketing World. We all have little gremlins that pop into our heads.  We opened up about what it can feel like to have that sneaky imposter syndrome sneak in. He has two great tips if you find yourself feeling like a fraud.

(1:29) Be aware that you are not alone and be honest about it.

(1:59) Admit that you are nervous, it will lighten the energy in the room.

(2:44) It’s good to be nervous – controlled nervousness

(3:46) Be yourself!

(3:49) It’s very rare that people will want you to fail.. they are rooting for you!

(4:23) Recognize that nerves and excitement are both just energy.

(4:27) If you weren’t nervous, it would be a sign that you don't care.

(4:31) It’s when you’re complacent that things go awry.

(5:20) As humans we have this negative inner voice that tells us lies about ourselves and we don’t often remember are the positive things.

Ian's best big tips for overcoming the imposter syndrome:

(5:47Create a “nice words” file that includes positive things that people have said about you.

(6:31Create a “truth and identity” file including all the thing about yourself that you know to be true.

When you find yourself dealing with the gremlins… turn to these folders and reassure yourself, you are a valuable rockstar!