Is Facebook Live Still An Effective Strategy?

Ever wonder, “Is Facebook Live Still An Effective Strategy?” There was a huge analysis of more than 9 million Facebook posts from 25-page categories recently. This was done with the goal of understanding how brands are using Facebook video marketing to promote their business and drive conversations.

The results are pretty surprising, AND I've seen some interpretations that may be leading many in the wrong direction. I'm digging into this crazy awesome study and tell you exactly what it means for YOUR business and the amazing opportunities at your finger tips!

There was a recent study done in May of 2019 that said that only 11 percent of brands are going live. If you or your clients are not using live video, there is a huge opportunity here. 

Let's break this study down and answer the question about whether or not Facebook Live is Still an effective strategy.

Is Facebook Saturated?

The first question that they asked is, “Is Facebook Live video saturated?” The answer is no, it's not saturated at all. Consequently, there has been a steady increase over the past two years and it shows no sign of declining in 2019. 

Vertical Videos

Another finding was that vertical videos are not only more popular, but they also get more engagement. Does that mean you should use vertical videos for everything? Not necessarily. When you are live on Facebook and want to bring your video over to YouTube or over to LinkedIn, it doesn't look as professional. 

Also make sure that you are asking for engagement in your vertically based videos. For example, on YouTube, I hardly ever ask for engagements and I need to be.

2-5 Minute Uploaded Videos

Next, they went to look at the length of videos that are getting the most engagement. When videos were uploaded between two to five minutes, that is when the engagement was the highest according to this study. In one minute, it's hard to get people to pay attention, but if you can prove that you can get them to pay attention for two to five minutes, then you know you have people who really want to hear what you have to say.

Brands Using Live Video

Only 11 percent of brands are using Facebook Live video! And, longer video descriptions are actually getting higher engagement. Make sure that you're tapping into the problem with your video descriptions. Let people know that you have a solution! Offer some sort of free gift or a way for them to get more value from you. Include things like this in the descriptions. 

Even though only 11 percent of brands are using live video, 81 percent of businesses are using video. If you're someone who's creating live videos, this is such an awesome opportunity! Businesses are already convinced that video is working. It is just time to realize how much more powerful it could be if they go live, and you can help them set that up! So, you may want to jump into our Go Live With Confidence Challenge at:

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