Live Video is For Business Dead.
Well, not completely… but its effectiveness has shifted and it's become very clear that the most common strategies that people are using in order to grow their business with video… simply aren't working.
Before you freak out and run off saying that I'm no longer using Live Video as a part of my strategy…
I am most definitely still using Live Video… AND, I've shifted the plan based on testing and observing the top players in the content creation and video space.
We are bringing Live Video Back to LIFE!
So… here's what needs to shift in order to use Live Video for business.

1. It's not enough to just “Go Live” for your business

I see top leaders who used to have 100s of people on their videos hosting communities of far smaller numbers. Live videos need to be specific, strategic, and filled with value, community, and entertainment.

2. Know that social media vanity metrics don't matter!

As Shameca Tankerson says.. Commas over Comments! You have NO IDEA what actual sales are happening behind the scenes so get out of your own head when it comes to comparing numbers. YOU. DON'T. KNOW. THEIR. REAL. RESULTS.

3. Stop trying to be a “pro video creator”

If what you really want to do is build a business or create a movement, don't spend all your time perfecting your video quality. A fancy camera or a script is not the key to success and oftentimes people spend too much time perfecting their set – when they really should be focusing on connecting, making sales, and the strategy AROUND their videos.

4. Be Everywhere… or Be Left Behind.

This doesn't mean you need to spend time on all of these platforms, but it means you need a strategy in place for repurposing platform-specific content so you can catch your clients and customers where THEY are spending time.

5. You can take time off of your video schedule!

If you create content that is consistent… and strategic… you can take a break, and your community will actually miss you and want you to come back. So many people who talk about “posting every day” end up creating white noise that no one listens to.

6. Tell the Truth.

7. Ok, read that last one again…

The only way for businesses to succeed as we move forward into the New Age of Authenticity is, to tell the truth. AND, most experts, entrepreneurs, and content creators are lying.
Telling the truth can feel scary, or oversharey… but really underneath all of this… it's the only thing that will allow you to cut through the noise.

8. Get a clear marketing strategy in place.

A marketing strategy for 2021 needs to be one that allows you to Own your Media, Own your Data, and drive your community forward along your customer journey.
That's it! I know it's a lot…
And we are just scratching the surface.
With all of this in mind… we have a big announcement to make.
We are completely shutting down our current system and launching a brand new strategy that we've been testing behind the scenes.
It's REAL good, and it will allow you to Show Up & Get Clients with video without being sucked into the vortex of social.
I'm going to run a free Video Kickstart where I'll walk you through this system and you'll leave with clarity and a video plan that works for YOU.
This is about creating something that is UNIQUE and works for you and your community as you turn your message into a movement.
It's exciting and scary, and seriously awesome. I'd love to share it with you.