Joyful Journey Live with Internet Marketing DIVA Karla Silver

Joyful Journey Live! Using the awesome platform to interview our Kick Booty guest Karla Silver! On the Joyful Journey, I interview successful business owners and they share how they got to where they are today. The highs and the lows, and how they found JOY along the way.So often we only see the polished final result. This is a chance to pull back the curtain and see how these rockstars got to be where they are today!AND, you can get on the early bird list for her awesome upcoming Bootcamp! is a powerhouse entrepreneur, coach, speaker, award-winning bestselling author and internet marketer

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  1. Liz Medley says:

    Food stylist! That is awesome

  2. Liz Medley says:

    Hey! I spoke at Mastery Recruiting GO Pro!

  3. Major feedback when you talk molly

  4. Happiness is a choice! We have to choose to be happy and move forward from hardship

  5. It’s Ok to be sad and understand that things stink sometimes but choosing to not staying stuck in sad is how we get happy again

  6. I can relate so much to your story.

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