Everyone is raving about Lady Gaga’s performance of the National Anthem.

I totally agree that it was pretty powerful. BUT – I want to take that awesome and use it to show you how you can give powerful performances as well!  I love that I was talking to my uncle, who is not a performer and he said, “Did you see it! I don’t really get her usually, but I think it might have been the best performance of the National Anthem I’ve ever seen!”

So – What Made it so awesome – here’s just a few of the reasons she ROCKED her performance.

Lady Gaga made intentional vocal choices. 

She used different vocal qualities to help tell her story. Flipping between head and chest intentionally as a way of getting her message across.

Lady Gaga clearly warmed up and has had years of vocal training.

I mean, see the last point – but yeah. Duh. It’s almost impossible do that with out training and proper vocal care.

Lady Gaga was impeccably dressed from head to toe with great attention to detail.

Right!? By singing the national anthem, she had one job – to pay homage to our amazing country. She did that with class from head to toe. The hair, suit, makeup, nails, shoes – all powerful, playful and patriotic.

Lady Gaga told a story.

This is one that most people miss. They sing this song as if they’ve heard it 50 times and the words don’t mean much. Gaga? Nope. I saw that flag on the horizon the morning after a huge battle. Bam. She used her words, her voice, her eyes her body to tell that story. (You can find help in that with our 6 Steps to Acting with Less Effort – Click to download)

Lady Gaga practiced gratitude.

You could feel how proud she felt being there to share this moment with us, representing our country. Gratitude is powerful. It helps ground us as performers and helps the audience to lift us as we give to them.

Lady Gaga took her time.

Even with a piano – which I loved. She took her time, crafting each moment. Making us wanting more.

Lady Gaga took in the whole audience.

Did you notice how she turned away from the camera at one point. That place was packed and she GAVE IT to all of them.

Lady Gaga finished with a bang.

I don’t know if she practiced that chest bump thing, but I totally loved it. Ha! And, she stood there soaking in the awesome and breathing in the glory. It was beautiful to see her stand in powerful stillness at the end.

AND – of course we have to give a nod to her amazing sparkly mic. Just because we love sparkly mics around here.

I mean – hellloooooo!

lady gaga microphone

Hope you enjoy these tips!

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