LESSON LEARNEDBleck! I have been struggling with my singing voice of late, and for the past month have felt like a total failure. I mean, why couldn’t I sing such a simple song? What was going wrong with my voice? A couple days ago when I saw Molly, I blankly looked at her when she asked me what my character would think during a rather troublesome part of the song. I awkwardly shifted around. “Umm… I didn’t think about that,” I replied, and she had reminded me of the beat work that I had slightly…forgotten. Okay, I didn’t forget, I just didn’t do it. But after discovering my character’s objective, breaking the song up into action beats, and deciding on tactics, the way I sang the song COMPLETELY changed. Who knew that so few things could change a song so much? After the lesson I wanted to slam my head on the table. Repeatedly. Seriously, all this time spent looking up acting and vocal tips, and I didn’t even follow the advice I had learned when I very first started this whole musical theatre journey! But, as my mother likes to say…For the forgetful, every day’s a new day! 😛

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Jes DeGroot

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