List Building Blueprint w/Navid Moazzez

Business success is all about relationships, right? But how do you build those relationships? I am going to be reviewing a List Building Blueprint strategy for generating anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000+ new email in 90 days… without blogging, podcasting, social media or paid ads (even if you’re starting from scratch).


All About Navid

Navid Moazzez is a lifestyle entrepreneur and the creator of Virtual Summit Mastery. According to the Huffington Post and, he’s seen as the world’s leading expert when it comes to creating, promoting and profiting from summits. Navid has hosted and been involved in some of the biggest and most profitable virtual summits in the online space, helping influencers like Neil Patel, Chandler Bolt, Caitlin Pyle and many other not-so-well-known people in every industry you can imagine. Navid and his students have generated 100,000’s of email subscribers and million of dollars in revenue from their virtual summits in just the past 12 months alone.

The Building Blueprint

Put Your Foundation Into Place

The first step is to put your foundation into place. You've got to know what problem you're solving, who you're speaking to, what you're actually going to be selling, setting your goals, etc. Further, set a good-better-best goal. Next, track those goals. Pay attention to what you hit the very first time. As you're setting these foundations up, you're also setting yourself up to have repeated summits by putting this into place.

Get Your Speakers

Second, you have to get your speakers. Navid shared about the importance of getting speakers who have larger followings. That can be a great thing to have, but sometimes it's actually better to have people who are what we call micro-influencers. They're more easily able to promote it to their list and, they get more excited and involved. So, getting your speakers is really about building relationships.

Set Up The Funnel

The third step is setting up the funnel. This is the part that's kind of technical. I would suggest that you go to the link that I've shared below this video so that you can actually see the way that Navid has set up his List Building School Virtual Summit. Set up the funnel with the option pages and all of those details. Navid does it in a very unique way He has the videos, which you get access to, and also get access to a playbook. Finally, on the thank-you page, you can purchase the replays of the video.

Set Your Strategy Session

Next, set your session strategy. Decide what type of sessions you are giving and the method you will be using to book them. Navid advises to stay away from the word “interview”. Consider using a word like “master class” or “deep dive session” because that's a little more elevated. Furthermore, he suggests that you have a little mini check-in first, then dive into the deeper strategy session. 

The Deliver Strategy

Then comes the deliver strategy. How are you going to deliver this to people? Navid has some awesome templates for automation to make this happen.

The Launch  Strategy

Following the delivery is the launch strategy. How do you actually get this offer out there? From the inside, use a tool where you can have swipe copy. Make it easy for everybody to be able to copy templates that you have with images, etc., to be able to promote to their communities as well.

Your Growth Strategy

Finally, consider your growth strategy. If you're not actually making sales somewhere in your business, what good does visibility and leads do? This is what we focus on in our GLAM program. We make sure that you're not just getting more visibility and more leads; you're actually driving those leads. More importantly, that visibility turns into revenue-generating activities. 

Navid shared that on the thank you page, for a crazy low price, you're able to purchase the recordings of the summit plus some bonus access. From there, they have more. Sending out another affiliate promotion or offering you something about a course could follow the sequence. Make sure that you're able to support your community at a higher level by making offers. That is the way that they're going to get their lives changed, by investing in your programs or your products.

Now, if you're selling a physical product, like jewelry. You do a style summit and have people from different companies come on and teach about make-up, hair, jewelry, clothes, etc. This goes into teaching something valuable and offering a lead magnet, so that there is no selling on the videos. Then after the fact, have whole year set up where you mix in with value and content. You're making offers to jewelry, makeup, clothes, without even have to have all those products. You just need a passion for it and a community that you know can benefit from it. 

Get Navid's “List Building Playbook” where it walks you through this whole awesome strategy for using virtual summits. You will also have the chance to hear from almost 40 different people with their top list-building strategies. Go to

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  1. Q ?What’s the most effective way to approach an influencer?

  2. Shelby Lynn says:

    #nugget. Get permission and use top strategies from influencers

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    Thanks Molly Mahoney – The Prepared Performer

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  16. What if you don’t have an email list yet.

  17. I need to build an email list. I don’t have one yet.

  18. LaCreis Kidd says:

    Sorta kinda. I collect emails for events as well as invoicing. I have not thought about using email to build a community. I did not think that very many people read email?

  19. What are the questions?

  20. E-mail list – Yes, but it’s small

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  22. looping in some friends – we have been wanting to do an online summit forever but didn’t know how to start. This is great!

  23. #nugget re-purpose and monetize content

  24. #nugget Set Foundation 1. Define Profitable Niche Topic 2. Set Goal ex. Grow email list w/good, better best goals

  25. #nugget Make speakers look like rockstars with templates for them and their students.

  26. #nugget buikd your email list!

  27. #nugget Come up with offer as part of Step 1.

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    #List of Top 100 in Industy 2 connect with.

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    Nuggest Use verbage Masterclass vs. Interviews

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    That is awesome about Be.Live

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    I want a monster drawing

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    #nugget summits are trending especially virtual summits over 2 to 3 days

  41. Simon Bee says:

    #nugget never create a course before you have an audience

  42. Simon Bee says:

    Do your presenters promote the summit to their lists and audience?

  43. Simon Bee says:

    RB took it from dan kennedy

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    #nugget on some summits I have watched the lesser known speakers have been more informative than the so called bigger names.

  45. Simon Bee says:

    #nugget don’t do it all live start with live intro then rest sessions prerecorded.

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    How do you do a summit if you have no list, followers or audience?

  47. Simon Bee says:

    #nugget have a pre-chat and set expectaions

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    #nugget a summit can generate enough content for 12 months

  49. Simon Bee says:

    #nugget on the growth strategy get them into you value ladder

  50. Simon Bee says:

    #nugget build an email list because the money is in the list. Without a list you don’t have a business.

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    Currently have a small email list.

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    Yes, we are building an email list.

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