Maintaining Momentum: 3 ways to avoid pooping out!

Maintaining Momentum: 3 ways to avoid pooping out! Rapid fire tips today to get your week started with a bang! If you are ready to sky rocket your social media engagement, use this Creative Consistent Video Content Planner! www.VideoContentPlan.comCheck out the magic that added to their platform – PRE-PLAN YOUR VIDEO BULLET POINTS! OMG! Perfect for using in conjunction with your content planner! Big shout outs to Niche Master Nancy Juetten, sales coach Tasha Saran Smith and Kat Loterzo today ; )

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  1. Lisa Monette says:

    I’m a groupie today! What a way to start a week with Molly!!

  2. Alexis and I love you Molly! <3

  3. Yep! I get dresses and accessorized!

  4. Tess Benson says:

    YES!!! LOVE this girly!

  5. Brenda Schuh says:

    So true!!! Hi Molly I am sick in bed enjoying you 🙂

  6. Lisa Monette says:

    I want those shoes!!! Who are they?

  7. Lisa Monette says:

    Damn this is deep!! Get dressed..who knew?

  8. Boy do I need a content planner!!! Thank you!

  9. Seth Prezant says:

    Eli’s four brothers live in my house.

  10. I need the content planner too, please 🙂

  11. Me please! I could use a planner.

  12. Love your makeup today! and I want to see your top/blouse and now your shoes! Lol

  13. I need this to create content for my next book and the videos that go along with it

  14. Brenda Schuh says:

    How do you spell your shoes

  15. Yes!!! I have a mastermind group and we meet every two weeks to make sure we are on track!

  16. Tasha Smith is an amazing coach for Direct Sales

  17. I have a coach that lovingly kicks my butt…she calls it “tough love”…specializes in video and more

  18. Great for ANY salesperson really!

  19. Lisa Monette says:

    I m in a mastermind group that uses live video in the group with each other…Kat Loterzo is killer!

  20. Tess Benson says:

    I want it!! All the things all the help!

  21. Tess Benson says:

    I shared with my girls!

  22. Check out the options for setting an AGENDA with!! Ignore my weird concentration face! hahaha!

  23. Cool idea Molly! Yes, please share the planner! Ideas come to me at the strangest times. Lol

  24. I need a person to help me.😬

  25. Leah Fairley says:

    Can I get the content planner please lovely

  26. Leis Bohacek says:

    Wear like u care.. love it!

  27. Leis Bohacek says:

    Write EVERYTHING down!

  28. Leis Bohacek says:

    Get a friend kicking your booty

  29. Molly are you live on belive with your phone tablet or lap top ?

  30. Definitely need this video content planner!

  31. Molly, you make me so happy!

  32. Please I would like content planner!!!

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