Make More Sales: How to Find Your Ideal Clients For Free

Do you want to make more sales right now? Like immediately or within a day or so? Then, we have the perfect strategy for you. The best thing is that you don’t need ads to make this work. It’s totally based on organic social media strategies. I call it the 5 Ps: People, Partners, Playgrounds, Problems, and Possibilities. 

In these show notes, we discuss the summary of the steps to make more sales and find your ideal client, but make sure to watch the replay, where you’ll learn even more step-by-step examples. 

How to Find More of Your Ideal Clients… For Free


People: Relationships and Humans are the Most Important Key to More Sales

If you want to make more sales… you'll need more people to talk to right? That's why you are reading this! It may surprise you to know that your ideal client isn't the first type of person you want to connect with. There are two people that we’re going to address to be able to find them: YOU and then… your ideal client. 


You Are the First Piece of the Puzzle


You are the first person that we're going to focus on. Why? Because if you don't take time to focus on who you are as a human and know the things that make you uniquely awesome, you're going to have a hard time connecting with your ideal clients. 


Then get clear… Who Is Your Ideal Client?

The second type of person is your ideal client. You need to find your ideal client in order to make more sales. We're not only looking at who's experiencing the pain point that I know I could solve. We're looking at the full human being. Give them a real name. A lot of people will teach you to create an avatar. But I don’t like that because I like to talk to real human beings. 

Once you have their name, here are the next steps for creating an ideal client breakdown.

  1. Write down their personal attributes. What’s their age and relationship status?
  2. Next, list down their professional attributes. Do they have a business or career? Or are they retired?
  3. What are their aspirational goals? What do they want out of their life?
  4. You've probably heard this… identify their pain points. What is stopping them from hitting their goals?
  5. This one may be a surprise… what are their tickle points? What makes them LAUGH?


Knowing yourself and your ideal client will help you better understand where they hang out online, so you can talk to them! 


Partners: How to Find Them and Make More Sales

Start with where you’re already hanging out. I usually spend time on Facebook, so I start there. But it could be on Instagram or LinkedIn. The important thing about finding the right partners is that you share the same audience. Ideally, you’ll want to share value.

I always say it’s better to collaborate than to compete. There are two types of partners: other humans and brands you already use and love. 


Human Partners

Whenever I look for Power Partners, I start with the people I’m already friends with on Facebook.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. I check out my friends and how many mutual friends we have. The more mutual friends, the better!
  2. I create a friend list called “Power Partners.” 
  3. I’ll add any potential partner to this list. 


That way, whenever our team needs a boost in sales, or we’re going to launch something, I can reach out and talk to people on this list. And, of course, I will talk to them like a human being and not pitch right away. The goal is to find partners willing to share their community with you. 

A partnership can be something like sharing my content with their community, or they can come in as a guest in one of my live streams. 


Work with Brands and Companies

Now, with brands, you want to go to their Facebook Group or Facebook Page. Check out the members of the group or people who liked their page. You can then add them to your Power Partners list.

Again, start a conversation with them. For example, I use Samcart, so I’m in their Facebook Group sharing valuable content and connecting with other members. 

If my clients end up using SamCart, that will be good. If I help the members of SamCart's community, it's going to be good for SamCart, too, because I'll help them to get more sales without being a creeper. 


Find Your Client’s Playgrounds 

The next one is playgrounds. Where are you going to go to find your clients? You're going to find them where they're playing. So I have three different versions of the playgrounds.


Previously, we used SamCart’s Facebook Group as an example. You can keep finding similar groups or pages. Just be active there and help people. For example, I have a private networking group where I have met loads of my clients. When I’m in that group, I comment, like other people’s posts, and share valuable content. And when it’s relevant, I send them a message. 


Search doesn’t necessarily mean Google or Yahoo. You can search on Facebook or any other social media platform. So, if your ideal client is an entrepreneur, they most likely like the page of Entrepreneur Magazine. I can see which of my friends or mutual friends like these pages


You can do something similar on forums like Quora or Reddit. Find the questions that your ideal clients ask and answer them.



You want to look for people who are looking for the solution that you provide. Or we want them to “raise their hand” so that you can talk to them. 

So, for example, since I help people with videos, I’ll post a reel addressing the problems. And when people like or comment on the post, I’ll go ahead and invite them to like my page. 



The final P is more of a mindset rather than a specific action plan. But it’s super important! And probably the most powerful in bringing in more sales.

Set a crazy goal and claim the possibility out loud! I said, “I'm gonna bring in an extra $500,000.” I said it out loud to at least 10 people before I had any sort of plan. I claimed the possibility!


I just kept saying it and saying it. Eventually, what ends up happening is you start brainstorming ideas. You start opening up the possibility for it to happen.


Bonus Tip: How to Find Memes Related to Your Business

Okay, so we have one more tip, which is perfect if you want to be funny. It’s a principle of “Stealing Like an Artist.” My good friend and social media expert, Kim Garst, said:

“Our best way of getting super viral posts is actually that we find posts that have already gone viral. We put our own spin on it, we tweak it and make it our own.”

So, what are the memes that you have found funny? You can share it and put your own branding and spin on it. Make sure to watch the replay to see how we did it with a dog meme! 

Make More Sales and Find Your Ideal Client

So, there you have it, the 5 Ps of making more sales and finding your ideal client: People, Partners, Playgrounds, Problems, and Possibilities. Start implementing them and taking action, and you’ll instantly see a boost in your sales. Once you start talking to humans, this will help you to make more sales and add in an extra 10k.

You can implement it on your own, or you can join us, where we’ll help you close high-ticket sales without sales calls!

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