Make More Sales without Getting Better at SELLING!

Have you heard, launches are dead?
Have you heard online sales are dropping?

If you have seen results dipping… the problem isn’t that people aren’t purchasing on line, it’s that they are seeing through the Salesy Weirdo Tactics!!

Jim Padilla, from Gain the Edge, joined me to share how you can shift your thinking, and Make More Sales without Getting Better at Selling!

I love me some good visibility strategies, but I have to tell you, visibility isn’t enough. And there’s so many people who work on gaining massive visibility and bring in zero sales or limited sales because they don’t have these other pieces in place.

Here are the strategies that Jim shared to sustain the awesome visibility that you’ve been working on and make more sales!

># 1:  Embrace the suck.

I have never seen anything positive, powerful and worthwhile that didn’t require some struggle. Make sure that you admit to your audience when you’re on a sales call and when you are not. When you let them know that you are not a sales expert, then they immediately become the ally. Transparency is key.

#2: Curb

(C – Castle on the Hill) We really have a castle on the hill syndrome, stop keeping them up there. Don’t let your ideal client feel like you’re unreachable and unapproachable. Make sure that you understand what you are promising. (U – Unreal claims) Stop over promising and under delivering and stop under promising. If you’re awesome,  tell them how freaking awesome you are! (R- Refilling the leaky bucket) Stop doing the things that are not really working and stop filling the leaky bucket. (B – BS your audience) – Stop BS-ing your audience. Let them decide if they like what you have to say or not.

#3: You Be You

Don’t complain about anything even to your self! Be who you are and let people decide if they want to. work with you…or if you want to work with them!

#4: Be More Open

(Observable). Be transparent (Parring Down). Less is more. You can actually get more done if you’re focusing on the things that move the needle for greatest examine what you know to be true question everything. (Examine What You Know what It True) Don’t just do it because it’s always worked. start finding out why it worked. Ask yourself those questions all the time. And if you’re not surround yourself with people who will I’ll gladly ask you those questions. (Now) Overrated always play the long game long game will win if you plan on being in business a year from now and start doing things that will set you up for success a year from now.

Thank you so much for being with us and learning all about how you can get more sales! Want to watch the replay of the live show? Just click on the video link below!