Messenger Automation Follow Up Sequence that Converts

You’ve probably heard about the magic of messenger automation.

If not, here is the low down. The quick version is the email open rates are suuuper low, and this is a new communication tool.  This NEW tool is showing an 88% average open rate and a 56% average click through rate.

Read more here – https://preparedperformer.us9.cdn-alpha.com/how-to-use-facebook-messenger-bots/

I’ve been using them since April 2017, and have seen amazing results! Amazing!

They helped me to reach an audience of over 1 MILLION.

Check out the case study here… www.ThePreparedPerformer.com/botcasestudy

And, I welcomed in over 400 students into a month-long training program, which was delivered with rave reviews!
One of the steps that I implemented in filling my program with over 400 students is a clear follow-up system.

Messenger Automation Follow Up.

This one broadcast welcomed in 40 new students in 30 minutes! This video is in real time, and you’ll hear me freak out a bit. Ha!

Keep in mind, there are specific rules within messenger and ManyChat. This is the one and only follow-up message I sent. I linked to a page with more information rather than a check out page. And, my language is really just about offering them info, not a hard sale. I’ve outlined it all in this video below.


If the possibilities you see here blow your mind, and seem a little overwhelming, know that we have a full training program with videos and step-by-step written tutorials so that you can create your own Facebook Client Conversion Machine! : )

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