Alright 2019! If we really want to make a big change this year… it’s time to make a mindset shift and THINK DIFFERENT!

I’m brining one of my favorite humans, to the show! Get ready for social media MASTER Josh Forti!

In this live training, Josh shares three ways to shift your thinking in the new year so you finally see that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! It is time to make a giant Quantum Leap! It is time to earn more, work less and simplify! And it starts with asking the right questions!

Proximity is Power

A lot of entrepreneurs spend time alone! They have no support group or nobody to be around. The energy that is given off by being around other people generates so many things that will help you with success. You want to be around people that think the same as you! You have to get around the right people and their mindset and success will start to reflect in your own life! Join programs, communities, network at events, participate a mastermind! Find people that are moving in the same direction as you! Get around the people that you need to be around. For instance find the successful, high-level positive people that will generate the energy that will catapult your towards your goals.

Value for Leverage

How do you get the attention of anyone? Figure out whose attention you want to get. Next, figure out how you can add value to what they are doing! Josh shared his secret for how he got the attention of Grant Cardone! For instance, listen to the videos that they release, follow their social media content, read their emails and do your homework! Once you find out how you can bring value to what they do or provide something they need, reach out to them! And don’t give up. Know that it’s all mindset. You are valuable and the people who you want to stand out in front of will see it too!

Think Different

You can get anything you want out of life by asking the right questions! Do you ever stop and ask yourself the question of “Why?” It will support you in taking action that is aligned with your goals, values and intention! It is so easy to take action and get distracted by things that come our way. Often, without realizing that the action is actually not one that we want to do at all. Ask yourself “why” with every action and make a decision to do only the things that you actually want to do!

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More About Josh

Josh Forti is a millennial thought leader who chooses to see the world, people, and reality not only for what it is, but what it can be. First, he started and sold his first company. Then he launched  a second successful marketing company before the age of 24! Josh was able to travel the world and see reality through the eyes of many different types of people.

After suffering from what he calls “Success Depression”, and having a near-death experience, he shifted his attention to learning about mindset. Additional he studied human psychology, and what it means and takes to be truly successful in all areas of life. Always on a search for truth and a strong desire to help others, Josh is launching the “Think Different Theory” Podcast to share his journey of success with others, and to help inspire them to become the best version of themselves.

By asking the right questions, having the right mindset, and thinking different about everything you do, know, and understand, Josh believes anyone can have success and achieve whatever they set their mind to. He has set out to prove this theory for himself and for is sharing his story for others to see. All of it. The wins. The losses. The lows. The highs.