If you want not only to inspire a movement but IGNITE a movement, there is no better voice to help you than the world’s top motivational speaker: Mr. Les Brown himself.  Whether your goal is to speak to build your business or to make a deeper impact on everyone you meet, this will be a game-changer. This blog is from our live interview with Les Brown and is condensed to help you learn about how he got started and how you can use his system to craft your own message. 

Les Brown’s Story: Motivational Speaker and Public Speaker


Les Brown is the most impactful motivational speaker the world has known. He’s been speaking for 52 years; he’s 76 years old. He talks about how to live your dreams as opposed to your fears. He started as a trainer, but you learn, earn, and pass it on. So now, at this stage of his life, it’s time to train others. That’s why he created Hungry to Speak because Les wants to provide people with the tools they can set up in their homes to earn money not just in real-time but also non-performance income. These tools include a lighting kit, a screen, and everything else they need to practice and improve their presentation and then allow them to capture it in real-time. 

How Les Brown Stood Out as a Motivational Speaker 

While Les Brown has been in the motivational speaking industry for 52 years, it has not been an easy road when he started. He was born in an abandoned building on the floor with a twin brother. He was held back multiple times and never received a college education. 


People told him that he couldn’t be successful because no one in the speaking industry looks like him, and it was a “good old boys” network. There are over 3,000 motivational speakers in the National Speakers Association! So, he looked for a way to stand out in the speaking industry. He began observing other speakers, and he also hired a coach because you need to have that outside perspective to help you find yourself.  

How to Use Les Brown’s H.U.N.G.R.Y. Acronym

After decades of experience as a public speaker, Les Brown was able to create a system to help you get clear with your message. When you have a clear message, you attract the right audience that will continue to buy and support you. One of the most famous system that Les Brown has is called H.U.N.G.R.Y.  

H – Hold the audience as your hero.


Make the audience your hero. Many people speak and make the story all about them. There is no opening for the audience to step into your story and connect with it and figure out how your story relates to theirs. Creating connectedness and inspirational bonding is so crucial. 

U – Understand what it is that your audience wants. 


Take the time to know your audience. Most speakers operate from the philosophy of telling them what you are going to say to them. The best speakers are the best listeners. They listen. They’re curious. They study, and they listen to the listening.

N – Never let what you want to say get in the way of what they want to hear.


When Les trains, he says, “Never let what you want to say get in the way of the audience and what they want to hear.” 


 G – Generate energy. 


Energy is so vital because people respond to energy more than they do content. When you infuse it with your conviction, passion, energy, and heart, people will never be satisfied to go back to where they were. I used to apologize for my energy until I realized that the more I could hone and focus my energy for good, the more it would become a magnet for other people who are a match for that. Your energy may not be a match for everyone, but it will be a match for some, and those are the some you want to reach out to and connect with.


R – Read more than you speak.

Les sets aside the first hour and a half of his day for reading every morning. He gets up at 3:30 uses this time in the morning to read for him and journal for him. He examines his life and asks God for help on what he is supposed to do with it.

 Y – Your message, Your moment, Your voice.


Your message is unique to you. Your moment is what you are creating. It’s all about the number of moments that take our breath away. Who are we becoming in the process of creating those moments? 


How Les Brown Helped Molly Mahoney with Crafting The Prepared Performer’s Message


I had this life adventure as a musical theater performer. Before launching my business coaching programs, I had been helping people stand for joy, finding the things that mattered in life, and thinking about the possibility in the face of adversity. Until that moment, I thought what I was doing didn’t matter. I had been made fun of for it before. But I realized this was going to be my mission. 


Les Brown helped me condensed this into something that’s simple to communicate: Stand for Joy. So, I trademarked the phrase Stand for Joy. We make sure that fun and joy are part of everything we do, as it’s a driving force as to how connections are formed and content is converted. This message has helped me in all of my content as well, including $10K-months with no automation or ads and exponentially increasing our organic reach on Facebook.


Facebook Live Full Interview with Les Brown 


Please watch the full live stream on Facebook where I shared my challenges and how Les helped me made sense of everything using his method. I also shared a pivotal moment while watching Kung Fu Panda 3. 

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