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My Pages Ap Shut Down. This is part one – here's the link for part two! Sims: The Art of Making it Happen and building REAL relationships. Steve is the owner of The Bluefish, he's known as the Modern Day Wizard of Oz. (Language if you have kiddos around : ) )

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  1. How can you change you that.???

  2. Hi! I love that this is about REAL relationships!!! Share this! Let’s make CONNECTION louder! ; )

  3. Social media provides amazing RESEARCH!

  4. Thanks Molly for this❤️❤️, great edutainment as I’m eating lunch!

  5. Don’t be the loudest!

  6. His accent is everything !!

  7. Get them to talk about the things that they are passionate about.

  8. True – Everyone loves talking about themselves 🙂 It’s easy, just listen and ask questions about them and what they love.

  9. That is so smart. Magazine subscription gift, and know the delivery date… then connect!

  10. authentic vs transparent…love that!

  11. That’s so good for the DELAY function in bots!

  12. Oooooohh using DELAY will create that anticipation!

  13. Sooooo…are Santa bots and your book going out for Christmas?!

  14. Ahhh! Pages Just quit!!!! Poop. I’m starting again!

  15. Cesar Huerta says:

    We can’t succeed without failing at some point!💖

  16. Kelly Morgan says:

    This is all the stuff I used to do when I represented artists and sold their work to Fortune 500 companies back in the eighties … before I started hiding behind social media. Love getting back to ‘old school’ …it worked then and will work even better now because so few do it.

  17. Thanks Molly for this, great edutainment as I’m eating lunch!

  18. Ask questions…people love to talk about what they are passionate about!

  19. Cesar Huerta says:

    We can’t succeed without failing at some point!

  20. Haha. I use “authentic” a lot.

  21. I agree, Kelley Yindiphol Tenny. Transparent vs. Authenticity.

  22. Molly Mahoney – he’s gonna deliver some Brussels sprouts to you. haha

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